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blood clots


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Hello everyone. Doc called today to say that the radiologist has called to let him know that he saw a few small blood clots on mom's lungs during her CT scan today. We see her oncologist on Friday to see how Alimta is working, but how concerned should we be about the blood clots? Thanks for anyone's answers/experience with this.

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My mom had blood clots too. They are very common when going through treatment. She was given blood thinners and also they placed a filter in her groin area, totally painless, no big deal in the scheme of things.

Ask your mom's dr if she should take Cumid, the blood thinner

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Yes , tumors affect the clotting mechanism, putting us at risk for blood clots. Levenox shots are the best ( low molecular weight heparin) prevention of more. It is like giving yourself insulin just under the skin, not hard to learn. Many are diagnosed because they have had clots and tests reveal the tumors. Best wishes . Donna

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