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5 for St. Pat's...


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1. I'm part Irish (my mother's dad).

2. Green is my favorite color (although I like blue-greens over yellow-greens).

3. The shamrock reminds me of God, of the Trinity, and all the blessings He stows upon me.

4. That I got to go to Ireland in 2000.

5. Another beauitiful day in the neighborhood.

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1. That I am a true colleen.

2. Home made Irish potatoes (candy)

3. As a part timer, this is my Friday.

4. A shamrock plant on my desk, a gift from a coworker

5. Busniess side of system down, so I can surf the web on company time.

Happy St. Patricks Day to all my real and pretend Irish friends.

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1) Remembered to not wear green (my ancestors were Orangemen)...

2) Easy day at the office

3) Computers - so much easier for correcting typos than a computer (of course, when I put the Wite Out on my computer screen, I can't see...)

4) Being invited for corned beef and cabbage at Mom and Dad's

5) Some of the $*%^ snow melted that came down last night... :roll:

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5. San Antonio's winter is still holding on, but it means I am still wearing long sleeves, not any freaking snow! It only made it to the mid-50's today. Brrrr.

4. I am wearing new pants today, a size smaller than the last set ordered, and they'd still be around my ankles without a belt. (Minus 17 pounds since Jan 8)

3. My advisor is going to DC for a year, but I don't have to find a new one. And besides, it will give me an excuse to watch some Nationals baseball this fall.

2. My stats project is done! So all incompletes are taken care of from the semester Becky died. Should have been done sooner, but it has been a year, you know?

1. Katie is coming home in three short days! Ok, three long days. But it is down to three!


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1. My oldest daughter made it through St. Patty's Day

2. My oldest son made it through St. Patty's Day

3. My middle son made it through St. Patty's Day

4. My second youngest daughter made it through St. Patty's Day

5. My youngest daughter made it through St. Patty's Day

That was a feat for the Hennessy family going through their first one without their Irish Dad. We are all starting new traditions and making new memories while preserving the old. It was tough on my kids today.

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1. Nice weather for the drive home today.

2. My little dog and cat seem to be fine after being in the care of others for the last 5 days.

3. I broke even at the casino and can return the hall pass

4. My husband won money at the casino and we came home with extra

5 Being home. I missed you guys.


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1.a great run home from work today, a minute longer than last time but i had to wait for a train and i ran around the parking lot while waiting so i actually ran farther

2.nicoya racing my husband and i on my scooter, he's fast

3.st.patty's day ws yesterday here and i didn't get too drunk and still ran today

4.my cleaning lady showed up today and i thought she wasn't going to

5.making dinner with a friend tonight for our husbands

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