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Mom, I'll miss you.

Guest sunflower

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Guest sunflower

Through tearul eyes, I just wanted you to know that my Mom passed away early Tuesday morning in her sleep.

We are very fortunate that she didn't suffer. I got to spend a lot of time with her in the last few months and I am very grateful. My sister Sue and I were just there last week and she seemed to rally. She was getting stronger and was her old self again. We had the best days laughing, eating, telling stories, etc. The day after we left she slept all day and on Monday she was showing signs of her vital signs slowing. She passed away early Tuesday morning. The hospice nurse said that sometimes patients do rally before they pass away and for that I am grateful. Sad, but grateful. We are having a private memorial service after my Mom is cremated. She is originally from NY and we wanted to have her service there.

Thank you so much for comforting us when we didn't know where to turn and inspiring us when we needed it. My Mom knew I posted on the site and was very grateful for the information that I received.

I will keep you all in my prayers as you have kept me in yours.


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Patti, I am so sorry about the news of your mom passing. It seems like she had a nice passing. It was wonderful that you and your sister shared such emotional moments with her that week.

She is at peace now, and may peace be with you. Remember all the wonderful memories that you all shared.


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So sorry to read of yur mother's passing. You will remain in my thoughts and prayers. Be strong and through all of the sorrow, try and remember the fun times you shared with your loving mother!

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