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We're looking over a 4 leafed clover!!!!!!!!


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Hi all,

We got good news and we did celebrate!!!!

In a nutshell, the MRI showed (as the abdominal catscan did) the "possibility of nodular activity in the left adrenal gland" but no tumour at this point anyway. Dr. MacCormick said he could biopsy but he's not going to now. He is having another catscan done on March 29 to compare to the January 12 catscan. He says that he often sees reports that say suspicious but that until its a tumour (if it does become a tumour) there's no need to do anything but do close follow ups. We're happy with that. Ron has been having some pain in his right hip for approximately 2 months. Ibuprofen has taken care of that. Dr. M. says that if Ron hadn't had cancer in the bone that he'd tell him he's got some "normal" degeneration but because of the history he's going to order a bone scan. That will be done within 10 days. There was no evidence of any "hot" spots in the April 2004 bone scan other than the original site on the spine which has been resolved. The bone enzyme check in January was 82 (normal range is 35 to 126) so that appears to indicate that there was no evidence of further mets to the bone. He has decided to start Ron on a once a month treatment of Aredia. It's used for certain cancers of the bone to relieve pain and to strengthen the bones. Dr. M. says that he has seen evidence that it appears to reduce the reoccurance of bone mets too. This treatment strengthens the bones and the feeling is that it appears to ward off future metastasis. It can't hurt anyway.

Ron's tumour markers were 15 last April - as of January 2005 they're 5. We were ecstatic with yesterday's visit and the thoroughness of Dr. M. He told us that he's leaving the area for ten months - he's going on sabbatical and heading to British Columbia. We had heard about his departure - we live in a small community where everyone knows everything about almost everyone else!!! My Ron told Ron the onc. that he's going to pack his bags and sling his guitar over his back and follow him out west!!!

He'll have another appointment on May 11 to get the results of the bone scan and catscan so until then we're able to breathe. We've been so, so lucky. We're grateful for all the well wishes and prayers.

If I ever get to go to Cindi's Bar I'll gladly partake and Ron will gladly play a tune or two for free!!!!

Good Luck to all who are a part of this club - An Irish wish from an Irish girl!!!


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This news sounds just great. I love that you love your doc.

Listen. c'mon over to the bar. Mr. Ry is buying everyone the first round! And Ron's music will be sooo welcome. It is only early afternoon, and Frank has started to sing already! Either he sobers up or Ron outstrums him. Please! We NEED you!

Love, Cindi o'houligan.

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