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Urgent Question For Megace Users


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How quickly did you start gaining weight once you started Megace ? I'm assuming that any immediate weight gain over the first few days is probably largely due to water retention. FYI my wife started Megace 10cc. ( 2 tsp. ) daily on Monday ( 3/14 ).

Please respond ASAP. Her sudden weight gain this week is under scrutiny. I'm trying to determine how much, if any, of this sudden weight gain is due to the Megace vs. other possible causes.


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My wife's weight has gone from 113 lbs. Monday morning ( 3/14 ) to 119 lbs. this afternoon ( 3/17 ). BTW, FWIW her baseline weight prior to this latest crisis was ~ 119 ~ 120 lbs. And Yes, my wife's Drs. are aware of this. The pulmonologist is taking a wait and see approach. His opinion is that it's not likely pleural fluid buildup, or at least not substantially so, or she'd be experiencing significant respiratory distress as 5 ~ 6 lbs. equates to alot of fluid volume. At this writing she claims to feel no respiratory distress. I'm still waiting to hear back from her PCP. She has been eating and drinking fluids better since Monday and she started the Megace 10cc. Tuesday. Leading up to Monday she was undoubtedly undernourished and probably somewhat dehydrated from diarrhea. Any opinions from those of you that have been thru this scenario ? BTW, I have the cytology report from her thoracentesis. 1600cc. of bloody pleural fluid ~ malignant ( metastatic adenocarcinoma )

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When I was hospitalized, I was receiving IV fluids. They weighed me at night, and then the next morning. I had gained 6 pounds overnight. It was from all the fluids they were giving me. I complained so much that they decided I could have the IV taken out, I had enough fluids. Hope this is what is going on w/your wife.


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