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one year ago today


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Dear Friends,

Ive been thinking about all of you as today is the one year anniversary since my precious father passed away. When he passed, I wasnt able to come back here, it was too hard to talk about lung cancer. For those of you that I dont know, I was on this wonderful board from 5/03-3/04 while my father battled lung cancer. This was my lifeline. I have thought of so many of you often through this past year. I did come here recently as someone had sent me a PM, so I checked in to see how you were doing.

Its been a difficult year, I miss my father so much - his kind smile, our conversations, his relationship with my daughters, and so much more. Time is not healing. And now my mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer, but the good news is that it is very early stage, a very smart radiologist picked up on it. She may only need a few rounds of radiation.

Since I never posted after his passing, I never got the chance to thank you for being that lifeline. I learned so much from the kindness of this board, not only facts about lung cancer, but reaching out to others.

Id like to check in on you from time to time as you will always, always be in my thoughts.



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Linda, welcome back. Of course we would like to have you check occasionally, once an LCSC'er always one.

The sadness never goes away, it does get more handible.

Glad that your Mother's bc was caught very early. I have a few friends that were found early and are now cured.

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Glad you checked back in and I can imagine the one year anniversary was very difficult.... Sorry to hear about Mom, but thank God it was caught early!! Come by and visit more often, I had thought about leaving the boards after Dad passed in December, but I still find comfort here and I feel maybe my experience can help someone else...who knows???

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