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Middle of the night garbage again!


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Can't sleep. Well won't say that I can't, I could! But the coughing and SOB and lack of bladder control are putting a crink in my ability.

It all seems to happen at night, even if I sleep sitting up. Borrowed my Mom's O2 and don;t see that that make a difference. WIll talk to the doc again about it.

Have a new snack food I'm addicted too....peanuts and sunflower seeds, there are shells all over the place (keep missing the trash can).

Lonely, wish there was an angel who would come down and tell me whats gonna happen and when. Trying to be very careful and take my cough pearls, cough syrup, Xanax and pain pills just at the right time. Made a chart and watch the clock, hope that if I take everything right at the appropriate times, things will get under control and I will fall asleep. Even got the heating pad on warm tp relax back musclse.

Thanks for listening, back to my 4hr hour schedule. Gonna go watch show old 70's TV shows.....Maude and Barney Miller....try to rememmber to happier times from my childhood while I hopefully drift off to sleep!

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Oh Beth, I just read your post and hope that by now you are sleeping. Iam a natual night owl, that is why I mostly post at night.

Damn, I wish I could do something to make you more comfortable, and help your with your fears. I feel so helpless.

You know you have many friends here who a sending prayers to you from all over the world.

Please just take one day at a time. Get through that and then another, etc.

It must be so hard to stay positive when you are feeling like poo, but keep that fight going, as you are in a battle for your life and you have to keep going and give it all you can. Don't give up!! I know things will start to turn around for you, please belive that.

Beth, I will send you extra good vibes during my meditation prayers and also will send to you strength to help face each day in these most difficult times you are going through.


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Hi Beth: I hope you are asleep by now. I had been waking up at 3 or 4 am and could not go back to sleep for an hour or more. I finally would go back to sleep. Last Monday I started using my oxygen at nighttime and it helps me sleep better. I hope you get some relief.

The Golden Girls is a fun show too.

Don M

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Hi Beth,

So sorry for your discomfort. Seems I am finding myself in a similar state of being right now. I've been having trouble sleeping for 3 days now. I woke up at 2:00 am today with the WORST pain I've ever felt in my life in my knees & ankles. When I woke, I could barely move. I finally made my way to my cane & the toity. Then came the real fun. Get to the pain meds! It's now 4:00 am & the edge has barely broken on the pain. My husband & I are having some sort of crazy fight over my pain, I just don't get what's going on. Why can't he just leave me alone to grind my way through it? Yelling at me about it is certainly of no help. GEEZ!

Well anyway, I hope you get some good sleep.

Hugs & prayers,


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Beth, Your post is so sad, and I am so sorry it is so bad fo you.... I have been waking up every hour almost, for over two weeks, but I do get back to sleep. But I know what that is doing to me, so I cannot imagine how hard the day is for you. Hoping for a sound slumber, and no pain now for you....gina

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Beth, I'm so sorry for your troubles. I wish I was there to help you through the bad times, because I know it must be awful being alone right now. Remember you have your family here on this board and we all send our love, hope and prayers to you. And remember there is somebody up there that can help all of us.

Sometimes I read a boring article to help me go to sleep. But I know you've tried everything. Leave the music on low and see if that helps.

We care.


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Hi Beth

Have you spoken to your Doc about a sleep aid? Ambien has worked well for me & I feel great in the morning. I don't use Ambien anymore as I'm sleeping quite well but, occaisionally I have a difficult time to sleep & I put 2 Melatonin tabs under my tongue to dissolve and next thing I know it's morning & I feel refreshed. You may want to try 1 to start with & also ask your Doc or nurse. My Doc told me about theses and they are natural.

I hope they work for you. There is nothing like a good nights sleep.

Don't forget, check with your medical people.

I hope you feel better soon. Rachel

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Lonely, wish there was an angel who would come down and tell me whats gonna happen and when.

Beth, honey, I love you to death, but don't do this to yourself!

It doesn't even matter about the cancer, like Snowflake has said, you never know when that damn beer truck is going to hit you!

And live like DeanCarl - LIVE each day!

and like BetPlace says in her signature line - every dawn is a victory!

These are all things that stick with me and help me not be so anxious about my future with Dave. they really do. and if you live like this, in constant fear, not only are you letting the cancer win, but you're missing out on some real life! AND, these thoughts are what's keeping you up at night, more than any physical discomfort.

take a deep breath . . . .

Love ya,


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