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Show me the parts


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When I went in for my right lobectomy I told my thorasic surgeon that I wanted to see the parts after he was finished. You know, like when you get your car repaired and the mechanic gives you back the worn out parts. I also wanted to make sure he took out what he said he was going to take out. When he visited me in the hospital room he was laughing and said he could not give me my middle lobe back but he did take a picture and give it to me for my scrapbook. I have other funny stories about doctor visits but they will have to wait for another time.


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That is so funny!!!

I think it is natural to want to see things that come out of you. I have always asked about my missing parts and I have had several. :lol::cry:

The funniest one is last year when I had my gallbladder taken out. I told the doctor I wanted to see the stones that were giving me so much trouble. He brought them to me in a specimum (sp) cup with a blue lid. There were about fifty or the most prehistoric looking rocks I had ever seen. They were covered with a gooey yellow substance (bile) eeewww! He said that it wasn't even half of them!!!!

It took them home to show my friends! :lol: One friend was really interested in them so I took off the lid and shook the cup. Now let me tell you they went flying!!!! I jumped back and screamed like I had just been attacked!! My dogs (2 shitzu's) came running to see what I had dropped, hopefully a treat for them! eeeewww!

When they got close I started screaming again for a different reason!!! Well, I did put them away, not to be seen for awhile if ever. :lol::lol:

Sometimes a picture is the best way to go!


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