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Good Alimta news!


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Hello everyone. We saw the oncologist this morning for the results of mom's Ct scan. The CT scan did not pick up anything in her lung and no new mets anywhere else. We are very pleased with this. The Dr. says she will stick with Alimta every three weeks. The Dr. confirmed what you guys told me about how common the blood clots are. He clarified that there was a large clot in her leg and some very tiny pieces had split off and gone to her lung. He is confident that the blood thinners will remedy this and they will take a blood test after her 5 daily shots to make sure her blood is thin enough.

I want to say thanks for everyone's well wishes. This place means the world to me. I wish I could post more, but I usually have my two boys pulling at my legs (literally) when I am here. Duty calls!

Prayers for us all. Love, Lori

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