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Attention all-I need your help.


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Hello to all-

I guess it would be proper to introduce myself and tell you about my background. I have had several family members diagnosed with cancer. Mostly and closest to me, was my father. Although I never developed a great relationship with him before he passed, I still miss him very much. It has been three years since his passing but I still think about him everyday.

That week that he passed, I was asked to write a poem to be read at his funeral. I was happy to do it since I had been a poetry writer for years. I would like to share with you all.

It is called, A Jar of Pennies

I remember when I was just a child,

My dad always had a jar of pennies on his dresser.

At the end of each day,

He would empty his pockets

Then carefully remove each penny

And add them to that jar.

And when that jar became full,

He would give them to me.

I eagerly took the pennies,

And added them to my own jar.

Then one day, I noticed that the jar was empty,

There were no pennies to be found.

So, I asked him why the jar was empty?

What were we to do without any pennies?

He told me that the important thing was,

Not how many pennies you have,

But what you do with the ones you have left.

And on this day at hand, I do understand, thanks dad.

This poem has stuck with me for three years. I knew that I wanted to always make my father proud, but I wasn't sure what I could do to honor his name. Then, one day in a college classroom, the idea came tome. I am going to write a book of poetry. I would dedicate it to him.

Wait, even better. I am going to reach out to those who have been touched by cancer, and ask for submissions for this book. Anyone who has been touched by cancer should be able to express their feelings.

This book, titled, A Jar of Pennies, will be a passionate collaboration of literary works tailored by those who have had to deal with the deadly disease. This book will also be a fundraiser to go toward finding the cure. I hope to work with the American Cancer Society, if they will hear me out. If not, I will try to work with other organizations. If all else fails, I will publish it myself.

So, after all of that, I come here to ask for submissions. I have over 20 so far. I have reached out to many people in several states spanning from New York to Alaska. I hope that you can help me. Anyone wishing to submit can send it to my email account, braven24@hotmail.com. Ask me any questions that you like if you have any, or just send me your comments. I am asking for your help to make this book come true. I thank you for your time and look forward to speaking to all of you down the road.


PS~My website for the book, www.jarofpennies.com, should be running in April.

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