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I'm trusting you guys!


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You have great ideas going. Where is the Rain Forest Cafe Restaurant in florida. We used to go down a lot when our girl was younger but not as much now. Today, I was figuring out the distance from here to Idaho and that area. Don't know if I will get there but will start going that way. Sometimes, I get too tired. As i have told my husband; you just can't sit around all the time and do nothing. Got to have something in the works and you seem to have hit the nail on the head.

After it warms up a little more; we want to take baby Crimson (3 Years) down to N.C. to the zoo they have. Like you, I feel sure I will need a wheel chair. Right much ground to cover, but that's alright.

have fun. Marion

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I like the new cancer staging............we can call it Stage 3BC (stage 3 Beth's cancer).

Kings Dominion was fun today and couldn;t have asked for better weather. I was tired BUT am still up at 1:14am Est time, so how tired could I be. Those damn middle of the night blahs.

Kinda getting exciting about Thanksgiving. I'm the anal type that makes lists of what to pack and logs of car rental expenses, etc (no me be anal?!), I'm ready to start my lists already, 8mths out. Boy am I a control freak!

Nigt everyone.....................oh yeah I decided I looked like Marlon Brando cause of the steriods! :wink:

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Making the list was one of my favorite things to do in going on a trip. I almost think I had more fun doing that than going. I would make a list of me, husband and daughter and than a miscellaneous list. One night I was up to 4:30am getting ready and when I was; I woke then up and said "lets go." I know you will have the same pleasure in doing this. Might just start on my list. marion

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