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Happy prayers today


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Hey, everyone, let's say a prayer that today is a wonderful day for David & Karen on their anniversary getaway! Good times, good memories, good rest, no pain... just a great long weekend alone together at the seashore! 8)

BeckyCW (who thoroughly enjoyed the wedding all those years ago!)

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Hi Becky,

I was just thinking about them and was going to post.

I just want them to know that I am estastic that they are getting away, alone.

You are a wonderful couple and with everything you have been through, you deserve this time to yourselves.

I know they will have a memorable anniversary, And I wish them many,many more to come.

A champaign toast to you both at Cindi's Bar

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.....KAREN & DAVID... :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:



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gee, thanks, guys.

if you read my post under Request a Hall Pass (turning it in) I was sick as a dog the whole time but it was still nice to get away. we had two nice seafood dinners before the fever hit full throttle.

and I forgot about the speeding ticket! Yes, it was DISMISSED. The cop that gave the ticket to Dave was absolutely wonderful. In fact, while waiting to go into court, several people remarked on how nice, almost apologetic he was about giving them tickets. He's a captain in the county sheriff's force. I found him before court and he told me he was going in to ask the county attorney to dismiss it. after we were seated, he came up, knelt down and shook Dave's hand, told him it would be dismissed, and told him that he was praying for him every day. He was a kind, sincere, wonderful person and I am going to write the best thank you letter ever written to him, along with a photo of Dave and Faith, so he has a visual to pray over, maybe he can post it in his church or something. It was really a good experience.


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