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3 years and counting!


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Just received the latest results of scans:

Bone scan: "Negative whole-body bone scan".

CT: "Normal CT of the chest. No abnormalities identified on the CT of the abdomen."

Celebrated with a lovely drive and lunch with my husband. I don't have to report back for 4 months, instead of the 3-month interval that I have been on--big whoop! :roll: but the onc and I agree that we need to remain vigilant.

She also asked me if I would do a favor and act as mentor to a new, young, non-smoking lady recently diagnosed with LC who is feeling devastated by the news and also realizing the amount of stigma that is attached to LC......as we all know, it's like a slap in the face when you are already down. I said I would be more than happy to reach out to her and also gave the onc this website address. I hope she follows through and that I am able to give some support to this lady.

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Tiny, you little dickens!

Congratulations are quite in order! You go girl!

Good you and hubby went for a drive to celebrate...sorry dear, you are showing your age with this statement.. :P

(If you were a bit younger, you would have come to the Pub to saddle up to an Orgasma! :wink: )

In any event, yahoo!

Cindi o'h

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Thank you all for the congratulatory wishes that warm my heart no end. Sometimes I'm absent from this board for extended periods, but it is like coming home to cherished friends and family whenever I check back in. You are all ever in my heart and prayers.

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