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Extra Zofran (10 tabs) ODT 8mg tablets

cindi o'h

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I called the University cancer treatment center and left a message that I wanted to donate/give 10 tabs of sublingual Zofran to them. I figured that there must be some patient who is uninsured or under-insured who could use them. They are so danged expensive.

Within minutes, a nurse returned my call and said that they could not accept them. They are locked up tighter than any other medication that I have ever seen. To take them requires a crowbar, a sledge hammer and a diamond cutter. She said that there is no way to know if they have been tampered with.

I told her fine. If she comes across a patient who needs them, tell them about me and give them my phone number and if they want them then have them call me, that way the U is out of the loop. I just wish I could give these over to someone who really needs them, who could really use them, who would benefit from them.

I am thinking of contacting other cancer facilities. Maybe there are some who are not quite as rigid as our U? Maybe there are facilities that provide charitable work that would appreciate a donation such as this?

Maybe some of you know of a place such as this that I may contact? They expire in August, so I still have some time, but not much.

If any of you know a place, please pm me. I would love to help out in this small way.

Thanks, Cindi o'h

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Hi Cindi,

Sadly, nobody is going to touch that. There are so many ways that a tampering lawsuit could be the end result. This is so sad but that is one of the things that really su^%@ about our litigious society.

It's so sweet to think of others who are in need but I'm afraid the only way you'll ever be able to help someone with them is to do something illegal.



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The sublingal is under the tongue. I had some of those a few yrs ago. I thought they worked faster than the reg ones.

Good luck finding someone who can use them I had meds left over-I left messages thru the nurses at the oncol. unit and I did find ones who could use them.


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