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5 for 3/20


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1.) My loving hubby is smiling this morning!

2.) I'm smiling this morning!

3.) Finally got the address of a friend so I can mail him the watch I bought for him 4 months ago! Have been asking him to e- mail the address for 4 months - & I thought I was a procrastinator!

4.) Kitty gymnastics - they make me laugh!

5.) Someone gave me a great idea for a gift to someone who REALLY needs it.


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Brian and I are in total agreement on our list:


2) The understanding & Compassion shown us

3) Folks being able to describe exactly what Brian is feeling

4) The clear and constant understanding that we are not alone


Thank you for being here.

Brian asked me to mention that I do the typing on line as he only has one hand.............

He is laughing and saying he is about as handy as a one armed paper hanger.........................

We are feeling positive today and ready to begin next round of chemo on WED.

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Today I am thankful for...

1. Brian and Patkid feeling positve and hopeful!!

2. Watching my son play on the floor with the grand-puppy.

3. My husband is out edging the yard - (actually just about anything he does makes me happy. I am crazy about him :D ).

4. My chiropractor, the miracle worker.

5. All of the chirping birds wintering in our trees.


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1. A rainy lazy Sunday

2. A daughter who called right before my party last night to hope it is fun and who called first thing this morning to hope it was fun.

3. That I didn't cut myself on the cup and 2 good wine glasses I broke this morning.

4. Cable, especially on a rainy lazy Sunday

5. Bruce's post

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1) Surprise breakfast out...

2) Found some work clothes that fit - and bought a new outfit!

3) Steak for dinner

4) New (and adjustable) chair for the computer

5) A boy who will do housework to be able to stay home instead of having to go shopping... 8)

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Thankful for today------

1). Sherrie - who takes care of me, listens to me and loves me.

2). The first day of Spring

3). Talking to my uncle who just found out he may have cancer of the esophogus and his daughter (who just had a baby).

4). The inspiration I get from so many people on this site.

5). God's Grace


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