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Anyone had this happen?


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My Dad (Stage IIIB NSCLC) just finished his first round of chemo/radiation a couple of weeks ago (36 radiation treatments and 6 Carboplatin/Taxol). He is having good days and bad days since the end of his treatment. He undergoes tests this week and we'll find out how successful the treatment was (please say a prayer!).

Today, however, he coughed up some blood. I automatically assume the worst. Has anyone had this happen?? Any ideas what could have caused this? Is this a bad indication?? He has also continued to receive weekly Procrit shots since the treatment. I'm trying not to read too much into it, but it's difficult.

Appreciate any advice out there!!!!!


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I coughed up blood after both of my surgeries. I would have to assume, that with chemo (I haven't had chemo) the possibility would be there that blood could be coughed up. I would expect, if he was coughing blood before chemo, that he would probably cough blood during/after chemo. That should clear as the cancer clears. Just remember there has been damage to his lungs, either way.

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