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We have returned from the Outer Banks of NC!!

Remembering Dave

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We're back. it was great to walk into a CLEAN house (the cleaning guy came Friday, our realtor held an open house on Sat.). BUT, I got SICK while we were gone, we're talking running high fever for two days, couldn't get out of bed, sick. Dave did GREAT. lots of energy, did all the driving, took care of me. not getting his chemo this week probably helped alot with that . . . but it was nice to be sick next to the seashore anyway! Faith went to visit her cousins with Dave's parents and it sounds like she had the time of her life - the center of attention of a bunch of neighborhood eight year old girls. can't beat that for a three year old.

the realtor had a very successful open house, 22 couples showed, and he's going to be working with one this week to see if they can sell their house and be able to put an offer on ours. Keep everything you have two of crossed that this works out!

Returning the hall pass . . . .


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Sorry you were sick, Karen, but glad the house was clean, the open house went well, and that you were able to get a least a few days rest. And especially glad that David felt well during the trip.

Next time lets hope you will BOTH be well.

And good luck with the potential house sale. I'll keep all movable things crossed.

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