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The Dreaded Cancer has Reared Its Ugly Face Again!!!!!!!!!!!


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Well guess my worries weren't for nothing. Maybe now they will listen when we say he has a fever again and needs checked!!! The oncologists nurse had blowed us off saying a little bitty fever doesn't come from cancer. Well with Darrell my s/o it does mean cancer!!! Thank God for Darrells family doctor. He did listen and ordered a pet scan. It showed he has cancer in his lymph nodes in the middle of his chest. (The hilum lymph nodes.) This is what his doctor said but now I'm looking at the report and it says (focus of abnormal uptake in the right side of the mediastinum consistent with malignant adenopathy. says computer analysis yields an SVU max of 10.4 g/ml for this abnormaility indicating that ir represents malignant adenopathy) (there is a well defined nodular focus of abnormal activity noted in the right side of the mediastinum at the level of the aortic arch)Everything else in his body showed nothing. I'm thankful for that!!!!!!!!!! I'm scared to death, but we are gonna face this demon head on and it isn't gonna win!!!!!!!!! His family doctor had already talked with the oncologist and we have a appointment with him wednesday!! I guess I'll know more then!! I'm gonna make this short because I want to do some research on the web... Thanks for everyone support and me being nuts last night!!!

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You will get through this and it is so good to see that you're planning a tough approach!!!

Darrell is lucky to have you in his corner!!! Keep us posted and you keep going girl!!


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Hello Rinksgal - Bummer! Lung cancer has the distinction of having one of the highest rates, if not the highest, of reoccurance than any of the other cancers. We all go a little crazy when we go in for our follow up exrays and cts...I'm due again, and the pit of my stomach is beginning to feel like the usual nest of worms when "it is time." But, hurray for your s/o and for you! You both were right on top of it! You gotta get down right shovey-pushey these days in order to get what you need to have done toyour body in the world of health... be it cancers, heart problems, diabetus... So, now you know that his cancer is back...the not knowing is like treading water...but now you know what to do... you get on with it, once again, get through it, once again, support each other, once again, and continue to live! live! live! No one is terminal until they are dead...and even then, life does go on...you take care, and keep us informed. I'll be busy on my knees for both of you. ONWARD! Ellen Lilja

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Hello Rinksgal;

Yes, there's no 2 ways about it, lung cancer does suck, I'm so sorry it has reared it's ugly head again in Darrell; but I do love your attitude and couldn't agree more with you. do the research and stay on top of it, my prayers will be with you and Darrell.

God bless and be well

Bobmc - NSCLC- stage IIB- left pneumonectomy - 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Please also get another opinion if you can--it could also be an infection--I have enlarged lymph nodes (up to 2cms) that come and go since the lobectomy operation--(and probably before--- but who knows that since you do not noramlly get scanned) --my surgeon biopsied them last November and all was negative ---they have now gone down

all of my reports from the radiology group--read like I am going to die on the way home---they are very subjective and many times my report said spots consistent with metastic cancer---and guess what--next scan they were gone---

are the nodes being biopsied?

Regards Eileen

nsclc lobectomy 6/00

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Eileen, We won't know till wednesday what the oncologist says...because Darrells family doctor is the one that ordered the pet scan. So at this point all we have to go on is what the family doctor told us.

You see though Darrell ran fever when they first found his lung cancer which was his only symptom and the reason they found the cancer. The fever is just like before. At first he started out just running low grade fever anywhere from 99.0 to 100. 4 and took 800mg ibruprophen 3x's a day, and then it gets to the point the ibruprophen anlone doesn't work anymore, so then we supplement in between the ibruprophen with 625mg tylenol....that would work for a while and then the fever would go up over 101 and the medicine quits working to keep the fever down even alternating it. Hes just like before....I'd like to think infection, but the pet scan showed it in his lymph nodes. I read on this site somewhere that an SVU Max of 3.0 represented maglignancy, Darrell has a SVU max of 10.4g/ml... If anyone can explain excatly what this means I'd appreciate it!!!

I know none of this is good, but the more I am educated about what is going on with Darrell the better off I am.... I don't share much information from this site with him... Only the possitive post or the survival storys. I search for storys of people that are in his same position and send them to him..... He wants to know whats going on with his health, but he doesn't want to read all of the post,

I think it also shows you how bad things can get. Which maybe I need to know to be prepared, (if thats possible) but maybe hes better off not knowing some of that stuff...I only want possitive influence around him!!!!

As far as for me, I feel like dying inside, I can't sleep, I can't concentrate on anything for longer than a min or 2...If I eat my stomach hurts and everything just goes straight through me....I feel like all my thoughts are of this cancer and getting Darrell well!!! I'm obsessed with this!!!!

Thanks to every one that responsed, it helps so much for people to show their concern... It gives strengthen and energy to me... I guess it helps me get through this, I don't know really what I would do if I didn't have this site. I make time for this.....

thanks and prayers to all of you!!

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I've shared this before:

I would sit in the therapists office crying hysterically that I could die from the cancer. In the next breath I would admit that I could also be killed on the way home from a car accident.


Statistics suck too.

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I'll second Gail's reply. Only and only God knows what will happen to any of us. The more we worry about something we have no control over, the sicker we all get. Take what is told to you then go with each day for awhile. On the good days, enjoy your loved one, on the bad days take care of your loved one. Then inbetween, take care of yourself.....

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