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mixed emotions with CT results

Heather M.

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Well, we had good news and bad news on Thursday. The good news was that the cancer hadn't spread to any other organs, etc. The bad news was that the mass in her lymph nodes around her trachea is getting larger. So, we have decided to do radiation. If anyone wants to let us know some of the things to expect, we would gladly appreciate it. Thanks to everyone for their continued prayers and support.

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Lot's of prayers for your mom. I had radiation and chemo

at the same time. It was easy for me. It is an individual

experience. Your mom will do just fine. I am sure she is a strong

lady and the Lord will carry her through this treatment. Plus

you have ALL of us praying for her. Thinking of you...

God Bless, prayers and gentle hugs,

Karen in So. California too

PS... You can PM me if you want to talk more...

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I'm sorry to hear that your mom has to get back into treatment. My husband had radiation and chemo at the same time, and other than very severe fatigue, he didn't have much trouble with the radiation, except for the burning esophagus when he swallowed, and food tasted horrible to him. He had some chemo related problems that probably multipied his side effects somewhat, too.

The good news is that he got through it all just fine, so I will pray the same result for your mom.



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I had radiation and chemo at the same time. The radiation effects are cumulative. As time went on it got harder and harder to eat. Hurt to swallow and I had no appetite. Make sure you have Ensure on hand as this proved to be a lifesaver for me. It was sometimes the only thing I could have. Ice pops were good, ice cream was fine also. Anything with acid - orange juice and tomato sauce were a no-no. Burned. They also give some type of numbing agent to use before you eat. All the best with this.


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