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Liver resection


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My husband and I went to Moffitt Hosp. Friday to talk to a surgeon. His latest scans and PET showed the lung tumor had hardly any uptake but the liver tumor had again increased with a possible 2nd tumor adjacent. We have always wanted aggressive treatment and now we are finally getting it.

The surgeon agreed to do a liver resection. Fortunately, the tumor is in an easily accessible area. He is going to try for a hand assisted laproscopic procedure so the incision will not be too big. He will also look around for additional tumors that may not have shown up on scans and will try to RFA them. He admitted this is not the usual procedure for lung cancer with mets to liver. I think part of the reason they are doing it is because they have never determined for sure that he does not have 2 primary cancers. Once he heals, if there is nothing new they will do surgery on the lung.

I really liked the Dr. So far everyone we have seen at Moffitt has been very good. Like the dr. said this was not a course of action that would be taken at a community hospital. I would urge everyone that can to go to a cancer hospital, there is no doubt in my mind that you are going to get more specialised care and treatment at these hospitals. Fighting cancer every way they can is what they are all about.

The surgery is scheduled for the 31st. I am a little nervous, it is pretty major. He will probably be in for at least a week. I am also very excited because we may have a possiblity for a cure, something that we have been told from the get go wasn't going to happen.

I would love to hear from anyone who has had a liver resection and as always am grateful for all the support.

Karen H

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That is good news. I hope the surgery works. It is not normal to do resection for metastasis, but there are sometimes that it works. Isolated brain mets and adrenal mets can be resected with good results from what I have read.

There was a post on here about a person that had very aggressive surgery for metastasis and it did result in a longer survival. This person's mets was more extensive than your husbands, so hopefully things will work out

It would be nice to see in a few years your husbands case will become more of standard procedure or if it results in more trials for RFA of liver mets.

It is being tried with ovarian cancer

http://www.researchforacure.com/cancern ... s&id=33333

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