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Bruce, Where are you?


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I don't know his last name. He's the one that thought he had lung cancer, but I think it turned out to be head and neck. He called it SCC (small cell cancer). Here's a link to his last update so you can see his picture. Is that Bruce Lambert? If yes, do you know how he's doing? Thanks in advance.

http://www.lchelp.com/community/viewtop ... ht=#120048

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I received an e-mail from a Bruce Lambert who

just moved to Florida. I was not sure who he was,

he didn't give me his screen name on the LC board.

I didn't answer back, because I wasn't sure of who the

message was from. He said something about doing

good and had finally settled in after the move. That was

about 3 weeks ago. I may still have the e-mail...

God Bless and prayers,


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Sorry for not updating lately. Just had my last CTscan last week..

Impression: Stable post-operative/post radiation changes inthe neck. Stable post operative changes in the left lung apex. No evidence of recurrent tumor or matastatic disease in the neck, chest or abdomen.

NED. This was great news. Physically I feel the best I have in over 2 years. My next ct scan is in june. My Dr says I'm still stage 4 SCC of the neck and head and because of the left side stage 4 most likely for the lung although nothing has shown up yet.

I know I'm guilty of not asking for a hall pass when not posting for such a long time. Will try to improve on that .

Thanks for the concern, everyone knows with this disease we need that kind of support and everyone here has been just that for me. Sometimes I rather not think about this so I try to run away from it but then it just turns into denial and thats not good either.

Bruce MacQueen

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Bruce,thanks for the update.Glad to hear everything seems to be stable for you.That is good news.

Take it from me,us guys have to keep everyone informed or they will hunt us down and find us.And heaven forbid they get mad at us for anything there is a chicken cult club here that will do anything from who knows what to TPing our houses. Ha,Ha,Ha.Just joking.

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