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Contrast v. no contrast for CT and MRI


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Hi Jen .. only for chest ab and pelvis do I get contrast. Otherwise, for regular chest CT no contrast.

I think that there is another contrast material that they can use if someone is allergic to iodine. I am thinking that is the ingredient that you are allergic to? I am not positive on this... but, I think I did hear of something once.

cindi o'h

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Hi Jen,

There have been some scans that I've had to have without the contrast. Not because I'm allergic but because my veins have always been uncooperative at best. Now after all the abuse they have been through, they "blow out". I had a port put in but most of the scan centers can't use it because they have no RN on staff.

The times that they can't get the contrast, they increase the amount of pictures they do & I've had some of the doctors tell me that some of these are actually easier to read than a lot of the ones with. I really think it just depends on the care your tech is willing to take with the scans.

Take care,


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After having several CTs with contrast , I started having an reaction to the contrast materail. Thereafter, I had my scans done without contrast. My impression is that the contrast is really important with the initial diagnosis. Once they know where the cancer is and based on your physical exam, I think that an experienced doctor is comfortable without contrast.

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I think all of my scans have been with and without contrast. They put me thru the machine I think for two turns, then inject the dye and do two more pictures. I never asked why. I've never had an adverse reaction to the dye. Hope you're doing better. I think of you often.


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