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Limited lung capacity -chemo and radiation are not available


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Not sure where to ask this question as it is my first time on the board.

My father, 66, is a seven-time cancer survivor to date. A year ago, he had one lung removed and part of the second as well.

In the meantime, he has a leaky heart valve and is scheduled for an angioplasty on Thursday.

Last weekend he was short of breath and went to the hospital, here in Las Vegas, where we live. He was told they found 18 polyps on his remaining lung.

His cancer specialist has advised him that there is no way to determine if the tumors are cancerous since his remaining lung will not be able to take it.

The specialist also says chemotherapy and radiation are no longer options due to his limited lung capacity. They have put him on steroids and that does make him feel better.

What options should he be exploring, if any, or, because of his limited lung capacity, or is he resigned to the end as he now believes?

Thanks, in advance, for any advice you can give him!!!

I am sorry I dont have his medical history to post here. He is not very internet-savvy but I think his girlfriend is so I am emailing her the link to this site as well.

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Welcome to the place where nobody really wants to be but are always glad they found. I'm so sorry you need to be here. I think one thing that may help is to concentrate on getting through the angioplasty first. By the time the doctors have taken care of that problem, then they can concentrate on a plan of attack for the cancer issue. It always seems to come in bundles, doesn't it? It would be nice to be able to concentrate on one issue at a time.

I just want you to know that you'll both be in my prayers. Just take a deep breath & try to find a calming thought.

Hugs & prayers,


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I don't know how they determine he doesn't have enough lung capacity.Itoo only have 1 lung & it has emphazema,I also have blockage of the airway & 2 tumors in the remaining lung.I am scheduled to begin chemo and radiation this week later.I feel I have very limited lung capacity as well.

You may want to ask for more detailed reasons or possibly seek 2nd opinion.

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