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5 for 3/22


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1. My oldest son Keith let me sleep in and got Kevin and Katie off to

school for me.

2. Feeling better than yesterday. No longer need nyquil to fall to sleep.

3. My neighbor Joanne stopped over yesterday for a visit.

4. American idol is on tonight.

5. Moving to are new house soon.

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I wish more people would stop and think about the 5 things they are grateful about each day. It does help you count your blessings.

1. Daylight is longer than darkness

2. Trident bubble gum

3. Cell phones and friends to call

4. Amazing Race

5. Mary, a darling woman at work

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my five

1) that yesterday is history and that today I don't have to stare at this page to try to find even one!

2) my great pulmonologist...I still LOVE her!

3) I am breathing better

4) Dennis brought the baby by and what a smile on that little girl!

5) Wisdom to know the difference.............finally.

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