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Stable-6 months post treatment


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Just back from the doctor and received the wonderful words -

STABLE!!! No changes from my scan in December 2004. :lol::lol::lol:

Whew, this journey is so hard emotionally. I sure with they could scan us and then immediately give us the results instead of waiting us "wait a few days". Those few days are just traumatic.


Praying for everyone to have continued improved health,


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Stable is great news.

I am surprised Cindi did not open the bar.

I do not wait to see the Doctor anymore after a scan. I call about three days later and ask for it to be faxed to me.

I figure that if it is really bad they will call me shortly after the scan.

Celebrate. John

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Okay, all right.. BAR IS OPEN!

Wendy first, what will you have there little Queenie?

And the boys?


Who else.

We haven't had a party for awhile and we have had good news too. Not only from Wendy but others..

We have chocolate for those who don't like the taste of jack daniels.

And coffee who will be driving home.

But, there is definitely a bar that is well supplied. If I don't know how to make something, then you will have to coach me.


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Start pouring the drinks Cindi!!!! I will check my cell phone, it has been a little chaotic for the last 24 hours so Cindi I didn't get your voicemail but I will check.

In addition to the stable ct, I also had a MRI of the brain today......had some pesky little double vision/dizziness for the last few weeks. Looks like I am officially "empty headed" and the problem might have stemed from prednisone and a virus - OR JUST NUTS! Either way, I am heading to the bar.....

Thanks everyone for your continued support and good wishes,


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