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Fay A.

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The Lung Cancer Alliance (formerly ALCASE) has been asked by a

newspaper reporter (Boston Globe) for a contact with a person from

Massachusetts who is taking Iressa and deriving benefit from it. This

reporter was at the March 4 Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee (ODAC)

meeting on Iressa and has already interviewed a local DC-area advocate

and now wants to find someone in MA. The Lung Cancer Alliance was

unable to identify anyone from their database, and asked if we would

ask on the lists.

There's no obligation. But if you are in Massachusetts and you are

taking Iressa and benefiting from it, and wouldn't mind talking to a

reporter about it, please contact:

Sarah Temin

Program Manager

The Lung Cancer Alliance

888 16th St. NW, Suite 800

Washington, DC 20006




Just thought I would pass it along in the event someone wants to do this.

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