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Just want to take a minute to let all you wonderful people who have been praying and suppoting me for the last 3 week how things are going. Dr called me today and finally got a diagnosis that I have non small cell lc and it is very small and can be surgically removed without chemo or radiation. If all goes well I should be cancer free within a month. Needless to say I am overwhelmed with joy and a great burden has been lifted. I can now relax somewhat and not be tormented by not knowing my future. Surgery is no picnic but at least now I feel like I have a future.

Just want to let you all know that I was about to give up on life until I found this sight, family, and friends to give me the support and get me through this very trying time. I can't thank you all enough for your kind words and support and please, anyone else with this dreadful disease "Don't ever give up" and believe in the Power OF Prayer....It works. God love and bless you all. I will keep you updated. I will be going to Fox Chase in Philadelphia within the next three weeks for surgery. My Dr is in the process of making all the arrangements.

Bill in PA

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Bill that is awesome! Surgery was a lot easier for me then the radiation and the chemo!

Suggestion- put your drainage box (the thing that your chest tube drains into) in a wheelchair and walk around the Nurses station as soon as you can. It beats carrying it and the box is below your heart where it's supposed to be! And you get your stregth back fast.

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I'm glad to hear you have some answers, a plan, and such a good prognosis. Surgery isn't fun, but if you follow instructions, you'll progress with your recovery steadily. Good luck and keep us posted. We'll be rooting for you.


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Dr called me today and finally got a diagnosis that I have non small cell lc and it is very small and can be surgically removed without chemo or radiation.

Bill that is FANTASTIC news!!!!! FoxChase is an excellent facility and you will be in good hands!

I don't want to sound pessimistic, but I feel compelled to mention that in the past two years, studies have come out indicating that chemo following surgery in Stage I (early) patients is of some benefit. It might be worth looking into with an oncologist. (Dr. Corey Langer from FoxChase is excellent)

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Great news! Surgery is no fun, but it is very doable. I would also suggest talking to a couple of oncologists about adjuvant chemotherapy post surgery. Two studies came out last year that showed it significantly reduced the chance of recurrence in early stage patients. I went through four rounds after my surgery. It was very tolerable. I had a little fatigue for a couple of days after each infusion, but no nausea or vomiting. I worked throughout the chemo treatments. Don't let the fear of chemo keep you from getting the best treatment possible. You want to be as aggressive as you can be with this monster.

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Hi Bill,

Just another opinion. Joel was stage 1B had his upper left lobe removed. He also does not have to have chemo, but his Oncologist strongly recommends it.

So he has an appointment on the 31, to set up a time for his adjuvant(preventive) chemo.

Don M. who is a regular on this messge board, had stage 1 also. He had a lobe removed 1/2/04 did not have Adjuvant chemo and just had surgery on his remaining lobe in January. He had said if he had to do it over again he would do the adjuvant chemo.

Better safe than sorry, thats how I feel.


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I think if you look at the statistics, and this was also on the ASK the experts, the stats only show that with chemo, there is an improvement for stage 1B and not 1A .

I had several opinions from several Oncs and they did not recommend chemo in my case---that it would do more harm to my body than good.

I have not read anything else, but perhaps there was something newer that came out regarding stage 1A?

I think perhaps you may want to get a oncolgist's opinion---just for peace of mind

good luck with your operation


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