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We (a fellow stage IV neversmoker patient, Terri Hunziker) have launched a website, http://www.neversmokers.com, to act as a repository for gathering information about never smokers with lung cancer. In that the singling out this sub-group of lung cancer sufferers is a fairly new phenomenon, it is essential for those medical professionals working to find better treatments and a cure to have as much info. as possible about us probable mutants. The hope is that this database of individuals and info. can then be used to see what we have in common and to be available for consultation and perhaps involvement in studies and trials that may offer continued success at controlling and curing this disease. In that an ever-increasing number of those diagnosed with lung cancer are never smokers, it is hoped that a link can be found among us that may help determine the causes and lead to strategies for prevention.

It’s very gratifying to be able to direct my energy into such a cause that holds so much promise for so many (and me too.) If you know of anyone with lung cancer that is a never smoker, please convey the info. about this impending website to them. We are also in need of help from those with contacts to the media to announce this venture and bring to light the great strides – and tangible hope – that are taking place to better fight lung cancer.

The site has been constructed with the help of leading specialists at major cancer centers and is receiving major media coverage over the next few monthes in light of the recent discoveries involving mutations and treatment responses and relapses in neversmokers.

Folks, amazing progress is being made that will benefit ALL lung cancer sufferers. Please pass the word.

Feel free to check things out further at:

Never Smokers lung cancer site:


My cancer survival journal site:


My art and business site:


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Hello Tom, welcome. Sorry I missed your introduction a few weeks ago. Your site is wonderful. I hope you get a huge response and researchers pay attention and gather lots of info. 10,000 people who never smoked a year is a tremendous number. On this site it seems the "never smokers" are young too, 30's or 40's. They say 1/2 the people diagnosed with lung cancer never smoked or at least quit years ago!

I love your pictures of yourself progressing to wellness !!!!!.

Thanks so much for your hard work! Someone has got to listen to us. Lung cancer is the leading killer now. Donna G

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Thank you so much for your work. It will benefit both smokers and non-smokers with LC, alike, I am sure.

My question is this: do you have any use for data on never-smokers who recently died from LC (and we have ALL the data, medical records, tests, etc.). I know that Geoff's mom would want to participate in this with all her heart in soul, if she were still with us. We simply heard about you six months too late...

Regardless, all the best.



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