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Your response has been overwhelming


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I found this site this morning, the 22nd, about 4:00 am PDT. Being so new to this disease of ours (I do not yet know my type or stage) my emotional state was one of fear, anxiety and, above all, loneliness. Surely, I thought, I must be the first person down this road.

Imagine my feeling when I received over a dozen messages of hope and greeting from you all in a span of 4 hours! I'm such a newbie that I have yet to figure out how to read all my messages and log in/log out!

Thank you for your words of encouragement. Today my Doc explained where my tumors were (surrounding the bronchial tube in my left lung and around my right adrenal gland.) He has scheduled me for a needle biopsy early next week which will give both type and stage of my adrenal tumor. My first "meet and greet" with my oncologist is tomorrow.

I have family in the area (my brother is a pediatrician locally) and they have been most supportive. In fact my sister-in-law accompanied me to the pulmonologist today. One of my greatest concerns is that I am the family caregiver for my 83 year old mother. She says that she will now take care of me - even to the point of regaining her driving license so that she can ferry me around(!) Wonderful woman, lousy driver.

Hope to be in touch with many more of you over the next months. Perhaps there will come a time when I can give words of hope and clarity to another newcomer.

By the way, what is a "sticky" post, and does anybody really use those inane "Emoticons" on the left side of the screen?

Again, thank you for being here for me.

Doug Russell

"Uncle Doug"

Tacoma, WA

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Hi again Uncle Doug 8)

Sounds like you are well on your way to a good plan. I just love that your aging Mom is willing to take care of you...again :wink:

And that she is willing to take up driving to haul your butt around :shock:

Tell me the routes and times so that I can stay home on those days :P

I love that your brother is in the business and he can offer a whole lot of sane support and can guide you through the terminology and process. What an asset :!:

I don't know if anyone ever uses those emoticons or not... :wink:

I have been too nervous to try them out :oops:

I think that they come in handy sometimes when words and emotions get mixed up a little bit. :roll: they can help to straighten things out. :idea:

I am not big on using them, and some folks have a tendency to overuse them, but I like smiley central personally. I have had some very humorous emails from friends who use the smileys with a great addition. Sometimes they make me laugh so hard :!:

Anyway, I am sure glad that you found us early on in your process. You will be a great asset to our community... both as a newcommer and an old timer.

Seriously though, we have all been in the place that you are now. The feelings that you have are yours and yours alone. But, you are not alone in having the feelings that you do. We all have had our joys and fears and anger and fears. Did I mention fears?

Again. A big welcome!

Cindi o'h

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Hi Doug and welcome,

Don't use the emoticons myself, can't spell it.

I think this part of the journey is the scariest. You need to get everything tested and staged and then a treatment plan. Then you can put all of your energy into beating this darn beast.

I wish you total success on your journey. Keep us posted and ask questions or just vent when you need to.

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A sticky post will stay at the top of the list. It is for things that you want everyone to view first in that category (you'll see if you look, what types of posts are sticky's).

As far as the emoticons...you will be fined for over use (just kidding).

I laughed about your mom getting her driver's license back..

Again, welcome


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Hiya Doug and welcome!!

I have found in the 9 months since my moms dx that this web site is just about the best thing as far as having cancer goes. It has been such a big help for me. For information,support,venting..whatever you are in need of, it will be provided.

This is a very scary time, ic annoot speak directly but i know I have never been more scare than i was when they told us my mom had lung cancer. You life is changed from that second on, never to be the same, but in o so many ways better. Please come here often, i can tell you have a good spirit and heart, as well as a bit humorous which can be wonderful. Check out the Just for Laughs forum. You wont be down for long after reading a few of those.

Again Welcome and if I lived in WA i would be glad to drive you around, I actually miss going to all the appointments a such, glad we dont have to anymore but miss it too.


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Hi, Doug,

Welcome, though I'm very sorry you find yourself with need to be here. Will be keeping all fingers and toes crossed that the Adrenal/Lung lesions are benign.

I use the emoticons because they are helpful in showing intent. We're missing visual and auditory clues to meaning when we communicate this way. I'm not so "well written" that I can't sometimes use help to convey my meaning.

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Welcome Uncle Doug! I am glad you have found this site as helpful as I have. It really seems to help to talk with others in the same boat verses just the Dr. mumbo jumbo all the time.

My dad recently got out of the hospital after a 5 day stay with pneumia (sp?) and his mother (my wonderful grandmother, age 85) was going to stay with him. I told him it would be good to have her there, moms and dads always make things better. She didn't have to get her license back, since she never gave it up, but they should consider taking it from her.

Well anyways take care of yourself, I will be praying for you.


p.s. Cindi you are too funny. Your post made my day!!

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Hi Uncle Doug

:) I, too, want to welcome you to our wonderful family of lung cancer survivors. We invite you to "talk" anytime you want. Please keep us apprised of your cancer and we will do the same.

By the way, where are you from? I didn't see a city or state mentioned on your profile.

Take care my new friend. We're all rooting for you!!!!



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Welcome Uncle Doug,

You will find the best group of people on this site.

Visit often and keep us posted on the results of you tests.

You could let you mother drive you around for the tests,

that way you will never have to worry about the results only

about her driving.

Cindi, behave.

Best to you.


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Hi Doug:

Welcome to the group. I found that the hardest part of dealing with this disease was the waiting part. As long as I knew what the next step was and was doing domething about it, it was easier to deal with. I see that you live in Tacoma. I live about 20 miles North of Hoquiam. I go to a local oncology clinic in Aberdeen. I have heard that the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle has one of the best cancer centers in the country. I hope you get a treatment plan soon and get on the way to wellness.

Don M

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We love having an Uncle Doug!!!!!!!!!!


Doesn't it suck to be here???

Brian and I are new, too. It sounds like your cancer may be similar to Bri's .

The people we have met on this board are AWESOME, LOVING, CARING, HELPFUL, POSITIVE and wonderful.

Glad you found us and we are sure that we will all have a turn to rely on you, as you do us.

(Cindi is the resident attitude adjustment for us.............and Dad'stime on (in his bio at the bottom) posts "Spirits Good". That has become Brian's mantra.

Some of us don't use the emoticons but have a tendency to overdo CAPS AND PUNCTUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for being here.

Brian and Pat (BRAT)

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Doug -

Nice to meet you!

Welcome to our "club"...no dues, no clubhouse, and very few rules....but lots of love and support!

We'll be thinking of you over the next week as you get your tests and results - be sure to let us know.

Hugs and prayers,


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Hi Uncle Doug,

Welcome to our board. As you see the people here are very supportive.

You seem to have a wonderful family, you are so lucky there.

Keep us posted when you find out more about your tests.

Thinking of your and sending you healing vibes.


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:o Hi Doug :D , and welcome :wink:

These will be uncertain times for you :( ; so take my advice and stay away from the statistics :? . They were telling me I'd only be around a few months after my diagnosis... ya right. 8) Nobody can tell how we will react to this disease, or how hard our bodies will fight it :x. Get ready for the toughest battle of your life -- and prepare yourself to win :mrgreen:.

Mentally, physically, emotionally, and if you're so inclined, spiritually -- you'll have to work at it, and have lots of support in your corner. :o If you have any time to go back through the archives and read about the many people on this message board who have outlived all the expectations of "the experts", I would strongly suggest it :roll:. The power

of hope can be a strong healing factor in beating this thing. :shock: A positive attitude will also go a long way :lol:. Don't be embarrased :oops: to ask any questions - there will always be an answer here -- you'll find a lot of, "been there, done that" here on the board. And it's OK to get angry :evil: every now and then. If you ever want to talk, you can PM me any time. :) Take care Doug, and keep us posted :wink: Oh, and I never use those emoticons :lol:.

David P.

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