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I got Dave out of a speeding ticket-nice story

Remembering Dave

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On Feb. 6, a Sunday and my birthday, Dave, Faith and I were driving to a small town about 20 minutes away for breakfast. The speed limit went from 60 mph to 45 mph as you came within a few miles from town. Dave got pulled just inside the 45 mph limit, doing 61 mph. An obvious speed trap, and the officer was very nice, almost apologetic, and told Dave if he had a good driving record it was well worth his while to go to court for it.

Fast forward to last week, his court date was Thursday. Our plan was to go to court and then head to the Outer Banks. On Tuesday I pulled out Dave's ticket, got the officer's name, and called that county's sheriff's dept and sure enough he was in. I explained the situation to him - that at the time Dave had just finished chemo and we THOUGHT he was doing well, but since then his cancer had returned to his bones and liver and his doc gave him six months to live without a miracle (all true, just things we would rather not think about or think along those lines). I asked him what the judge could do for Dave - he said the best thing the judge would do is driving school but in Dave's condition he didn't think driving school was appropriate. He said he would ask the prosecuting attorney to dismiss it. Long story short, we went to court, and he did ask the attorney to dismiss it. Just as court was starting, Officer Holmes came over to where we were sitting, knelt down, shook Dave's hand and told him he was praying for him every day. He was a beautiful, wonderful, kind man who obviously has a deep faith and uses it in every aspect of his life. They called Dave up front and the judge and attorney both shook his hand and wished him well.

It was one of those times in life where you really know that there are real angels that pop up in the most unexpected of places.

I plan on writing him a nice thank you with a photo of Faith and Dave, and send a copy to his boss (the sheriff) because he deserves, at the very least, appreciation for what he does.


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Thank you so much for that. I really like that officer. I have come across so many road blocks in dealing with this illness and have been astounded at the apathy of much of society. I needed to hear this today. Thanks, again. It restores my faith that there are good people in this world.

Cindi o'h

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Isn't it great to know that there is still some humanity in the world. That was a very kind and compassionate officer and it's a wonderful thing you are doing to send his boss a nice letter.

It reminds me of last year when my son turned 18 and had to go get his new driver's license. In Houston, (and probably everywhere) you can plan on being at the dmv at least 3-4 hours. I was on chemo at the time, bald, weak and should not have been in crowds, but it had to be done. One of the nicest officers put us right through to the front of the line when she saw me. We were in and out in 15 minutes. Nice, nice, nice.


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You know Karen, I noticed how nice people are when they find out about the cancer.

We had a situation where Joel has to get his adjuntive chemo but had problems with some teeth. Well, the dentist was completely booked and did not have an opening till some time in April. When I explained about the chemo, the receptionist said she will see what can be done.

Well we got a phone call that night around dinner and was told that they juggled their patients around, spoke to one patient who just needed a cleaning and put her in April, and gave Joel her spot.

His dental work is all done now and he can start his chemo. The dentist was so incredibly nice to Joel, he gave him a couple of perscriptions to take before and during his chemo to help with the problems that can happen to your teeth from the chemo.

He told us this was safe to take during chemo, but of course we will ask the doc.

Anyway, people really come through when you need it most.

Take care and I pray for Dave to get well.


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