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"Struggles and obstacles can be great avenues for growt


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"Struggles and obstacles can be great avenues for growth if they are viewed in that way."

by Veronia


If we are courageous enough emotionally we can use the pain and struggles of life to grow, don't i know this. But it take a lot of courage and a certain amount of commitment to face the pain. it can also take guidance from others who have been down the road before us. For me, i just lost my beloved father march 3 2005 and i'm in the thick of it. And there are many complications, many feelings that come up other than "i miss my daddy." family issues, old wounds, some regrets, sadness....it's just very complicated... and difficult

grief is so multifaceted. it's amazing. i never knew this before.

i know that it's going to be a long journey but I also know that there is beauty to be gained from pain. i've experienced it before (thorugh a horrendous divorce).... there can be a renewed appreciation for life, for our loved ones, and there can also be great spiritual growth....

but what do i know.. all i see are dark clouds and those bright ones are so far off I only know they are there because someone told me, and well because i just know

love to all grievers


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