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Ordered online...got my bracelets and shirt very quickly!!! SO easy and i'm so happy to be able to give them to Mom, my brother, my sister, and one for my daughter to help show our support of her and of research for this beastie!!


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hi Katie,

I am not sure if the youth wristbands have always been available and I just didn't realize it or if they are new. But my 8 year old daughter wanted to wear one for her grandfather and all the ones that I have would just slide off her wrist. So, I was just going on to inquire about getting childrens sizes and ... there they are :D

I ordered some right away and more t-shirts. They are great t-shirts - My Katie (daughter) will most likely never takes her off! It's hard enough understanding this battle at my age, I can't imagine what is going through her mind. I try to keep her talking as she just thinks her grampy is the best! She has good taste - take care.

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Hi Katie,

Just ordered 10 bands..I am going to try to sell them for donations at my brothers hair salon..The money I collect, I will send for Lung cancer research..Please tell me where to send the donations..

God Bless,

Donna :wink:

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I just ordered 10 as well but have a feeling I will be back for more once my Mom gets hers - and one of my co-workers is going to wear one when he plays in the World Series of poker - I told him it would bring him good luck and then he would have to donate a portion of his winnings :P

Thanks for doing this Katie!

Much Love,


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Once again, you are leading the troops into the LC battle which I think will be won someday. I started with 5 wristbands, 1 car magnet, and 2 T-shirts. I'm going to give Jim's oncologist the T-shirt (he's a runner so perhaps he will wear it and get asked about it!) and going to give wristbands to the chemo nurses. Of course, I had to keep one for myself, I sleep in the t-shirt, and proudly display my car magnet.

I wish your Dad and my husband were here to share in the enthusiasm but perhaps they are visiting together and cheering us on from someplace better.

Thanks again!


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I just ordered two online - one for my husband, one for me (of course) Thank you so much for making LCSC available. Lots of people feel good wishes and support for those of us challenged with cancer, but it takes a very special person to go the extra step and really "walk the walk." Thanks again - I have found emotional help, great medical information, and sanity on this site!


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