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As this website has grown so much within the last two years, I have found myself occupied with other aspects of maintaining this website and raising awareness in local communities and coming to this forum less than I used to, as others, our "Welcome Wagon" as I like to call them, do an inspirational job of welcoming newcomers who unfortunately have a need to be here.

I wanted to take this time to personally welcome all the new members that I haven't "met" yet and let you know that I do read all of your posts and say a prayer for each of you.

This is an uncertain time in your lives right now and it can be especially stressful and scary when you don't have all the answers.

I thought I'd post this link for all the newcomers who will be starting the process of a diagnosis, treatment options, and all those doctor's visits.

This link is located with other documents up above in the link to the right that says "Documents", but I thought I'd post it here again for ease.

I hope this helps.


Again, I welcome you with understanding and friendship into our LCSC family.

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May I express my great appreciation, in response to your post, for those who are willing and dedicated to maintaining these kinds of websites, which greatly benefit those of us who find ourselves in times of need and crisis. I know it requires a good deal of effort and expense for you, who do this service, and although I make a meager donation, I know it falls short of what is probably needed, and what I d like to make.

I have benefitted greatly from this site, as Im sure many others have, and I often wish I was more capable of the kind of dedication you site operators have. Some are so inclined, and some arent, I guess, and Im probly in the latter group...sigh.

So, while I always agonize over whether I participate enuff, contribute enuff, help enuff.....I always admire and appreciate those who take on the big effort to work to help so many others...and remain dedicated to the time consuming tasks it requires.

Im sure many here will join me in expressing my profound thanks, for providing the helping hand I so anxiously searched for in my initial panic......and found ! Bless ur good hearts.....Rich B.

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Rick, you can be our spokesman any time. Thank you for your adeptness in writing what we feel.

This website has been a God-Send to Brian and to me.

I know I am not the only "wife of a LC Survivor"

Bri knows he in in really good company as a LC Survivor

We had a scary night not too long ago and within 7 minutes of posting our fear/ problem we had 5 responses and 8 PMs with more following.

In the night when I get scared I come here to read.

Just before bedtime Brian asks me to read some of the posts to him.

Brian has nicknames for lots of the folks we are getting to know.

Brian feels supported and loved.

I am learning from the others in the 'wives club' and from Don and Bill in the 'hubby club'

The people on this forum are -to a one- 1st class, loving, supportive, kind, and informed.

Katie, and your group.........A huge thank you for caring about all of us and for honoring your father in such a loving way.

I can not get it out.........no matter how long I type.........what each one of our family mean to Brian and to me.

Thank you for being her and for loving us.

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