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My mom passed away


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:( I have been so caught up in these past 10 months that I have been a LCH Hermit and have not posted in months. My mom who was diagnosed with Stage 4 small cell lung cancer on May 4th, passed away on Feb 15, 05 just 6 hours before her 60th birthday. Throughout these past months I have been responsible with everything from finances, medical, funeral and life in general, but I was not prepared for the finality of my mom leaving. I'm sorry if this is a long post, but I want to share a few stories. I am from CO and lived in CA for 20 years. I love x-mas, snow and holidays. I made 14 trips to CO to care for my mom since she was diagnosed. Each trip I would either miss a thunderstorm or a snow storm. On 2-14 I was making a mad dash to CO becuz hospice had my mom moved to the hopsital bcuz her pain was so bad. I made it in at midnight. She knew I was there, squeezed my hand and tried to open her eyes. My good brother took me to his hotel so I didn't end up sleeping on a couch. On Feb 15 the morning was unlike any I had ever seen. It was the most beautiful day I had ever seen in my life. The snowflakes were bigger and fluffier than ever as if they were hand made from heaven. My mom gave me the snow storm she would always call me and tell me I missed by a day. She picked the day she would go, we were all there by her side. I left my girls at home bcuz I didn't want them to remember grandma so sick, but my 9 year old who sings in a fame program sang Mariah Carey "Hero" for grandma at her talent share day the end of Jan, I recorded it and brought it with me to play for my mom. I put the tape in the tv in her room and we played the last song my mom was to ever hear, her grandaughter singing her hero. She couldn't open her eyes, but a tear went down her cheek. I know she heard. 20 minutes later, she began to pass away. It was hard to watch, but I know she was in a much better place. When we thought she was gone, she forced her eyes open, looked at my sister then turned and look at me and she was gone. Yesterday I was driving to the bank and with all the rain and dark skys i saw a break in the clouds. I could see the blue sky and light shining down as if God was looking down from heaven. I instantly began to think of my mom. I said out loud, "Mom, where are you at"? Not a minute later, the radio station began playing the song Hero. I cried for an hour. I was the most amazing and spiritual moment I have ever experienced.

Thank you for listening and God be with everyone who is going through this horrible disease.

Julie Aydlott

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So very sorry, Julie.

I am glad that your memories of your mom's passing are filled with peace and you have comfort in knowing that you did all you could to help ease her and love her into eternity. I love that connection story that you shared. That is powerful stuff. I got goosebumps!

love, Cindi o'h

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I feel the pain in your post. I, too, know the pain of losing a mother to lung cancer. Sad for me that I, too, have had lung cancer. I am considered living with no evidence of disease. Your mom was so young. I am so sorry. I pray you get over the grief and sorrow. YOu will be in my prayers. Hope you get some more "signs" from her.

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Oh, Julie, I am so sorry for this great loss to you, your sister and the rest of your family. :cry: I got all choked up reading about the song your daughter sang. How blessed your mother was to hear that right before she passed.

And when you told about the song on the radio, oh my, I got goose bumps. What a wonderful, incredibly wonderful, thing to experience.

God bless you,


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Hi Julie,

Thank you for coming on here and sharing that with us. I have tears rolling down my cheeks. What a beautiful passing she had with all her children there, and to open her eyes at the last minute and looked at you.

You are a wonderful daughter and she loved you so much. All these signs are all positive things that she is happy and wants you to know that. And yes, she is in a much better place. She left her physical sick body and her soul lives on through you and the wonderful memories you have of her.

You will meet her again when it is your time. She will always be near, if you need her.


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Thank you all so much for your beautiful replys. I'm crying as I read them. I have never met a nicer group of people and i'm so glad I found this site. It's such a comfort to know that people really do care and we're not all alone.

God Bless


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