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Well, looks like I'm GOOD TO GO once again. Had a great visit, the dr. is very happy for me. Went over my meds, listened to my chest and heard NOTHING. ALL IS QUIET! Only draw back is I've gotten heavy, quite heavy and I have to really do something about it. It's my fault, I've been livin' it up. Think it has something to do with my consoling myself with food when I'm down. I have to go back to see him at the end of June. I'm determined to go back 20 lbs. lighter. Somehow, someway. The exam room I was in, fortunately, didn't have a scale - whew, I slid by that one! BUt on the way out I weighed myself just so I know how much I am (198! yikes). And I'm taking synthroid for they hypothyroid, so that's no excuse. Just love to eat. But I'm relatively healthy and no tumors. That is most important. Also he was talking about the Dr. doll I gave him for Christmas and what a hit he is in the office, but everyonce in a while he falls off the shelf. :shock: So, I'm now on a mission to find a non-skid pad for him to sit on. Also need to find a small computer and stethascope for him. :lol: I can bring it over to him to celebrate on April 4th 3 year anniversary. Might also make a soda bread, just to top off the occasion. Oh I'm so happy and relieved.

So to everyone here, I hope my message gives you all hope. There is hope in this disease. I wish you all such good news. Thanks again for being here and being such wonderful friends. Love you all.

Joanie :D:D:D:D

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Oh Joanie,

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! You were so worked up - as I am right this minute. You give me so much hope! You gave me some the other night and then again right now. I will celebrate with you tonight! Weight is something you can work on. Tumors are another thing. And you have NONE of them. I am soooooooo happy for you. I go Monday, April 4 and continue with tests on the 5th and meet with the doc on the 6th. I will be thinking of you on the 4th - your anniversary. You do keep my hope alive.

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Way to go Joanie!

Your excitement over your great checkup rings in loud and clear. I do hope that you will be able to sleep tonight...

How 'bout you comon' over to the bar for a little cup o' cheer for a night- cap? Bring your pals too...what the heck!

love, Cindi o'h

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Really glad to hear your good, no excellent, news. I'd like to say go out and celebrate ((I like to eat when I'm happy; I like to eat when I'm sad...)). So why don't you start the diet on Tuesday, the 5th; cause you also need to celebrate on your anniversary.

Gail P-m

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Well Joanie, that was the best news. You must be so relieved. With everything you have been through, you definetely needed that.

I am so happy for you!!

Eat hardy, but not too much!! :D


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Joanie, I am soooooo happy. You have been such an inspiration, support and help to me. I love you for staying on the board as a long term survivor to help the rest of us newbies. Thank-you again for everything. Most of all the hope.

I have also picked up a few 100 pounds :)

Love ya,


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This is great news, clean check ups are the BEST aren't they.

You've made my day in two ways.......good dr news and I'm not the only one fighting the extra tonnage of my self indulgences since my dx.

No more excuses I'll join you in the fight.


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Hi Joanie, Love to hear your good news!!! You give us all hope. And I am also thankful that you have stayed with this site so long. I will try to do the same, If I am to be so blessed. Something has been nagging at me since I was diagnosed. After my follow up visit with my surgeon. Which was at the North Shore Univ. Hospital, Manhasset,N.Y. He suggested that I see there on staff oncologist, just to fill me in on what to expect for my treatment. And she was most inssistant on my getting cisplatin and not carboplatin. She said it was much harsher with the side effects, but that since I was young and in good health otherwise that I could handle it. She felt that cisplatin was a much more effective drug and she also said that I have only a small window of time to cure this disease. But when I went to my oncologist and explained this to him, he suggested that I stay with carbopaltin. He even got a print out of a comparison of the two drugs. Where it said that the two were effective in treating the disease but that cisplatin was much harder on the body with the side effects. He said that he would give it to me if I wanted it but that he felt carboplatin would work just as well without the harder side effect. So in the back of my mind this has been something that I am not sure if I did the right thing. Did you have the choice of which drug to go with? Or does anyone else have any thoughts on this? Joanie treat youself in some way, you deserve it. Take care Bev.

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So glad you got good news.

I had cisplatin and etoposide, not carboplatin.

Yes it is stronger, and to avoid ototoxicity, should be taken with ethyol aka amafosdine BUT it is considered heavy artillery, and when you're considered younger they "want a cure", not just stability.

I am five years past diagnosis, will be 5 years post surgery in 6 months.

I continue to date to be NED on the MRI/CT series I get on evaluation.

I credit the doctors who used the most powerful protocol in their arsenal.

Good luck, and prayers, always prayers...



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