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Good Friday


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Monday it will be the anniversary of the day Becky died.

It was a year ago this Friday - though tomorrow's date - that Becky missed her only class of the year. Not because she was sick or unable to teach, but because she had a doctor's appointment in Houston. Had we been in Nacogdoches, she would have been in front of her class teaching, though she had only 52 hours or so to live. And I feel relatively safe in saying that had we known, she wouldn't have been in Houston but in her classroom teaching. Because she spent the 15 months battling cancer living on her terms, doing exactly what she wanted to do with her time on this crazy planet.

In a couple of days I will be thinking about a woman who died from cancer. But today I am thinking about how amazingly she lived with cancer. Both days, and everyday, I will think about how much I miss her.


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Curtis, Monday will be a very sad day. But, I think you do as I do. I remember Earl how he lived, not how he died. I was thrilled the other day because I realized I could visualize looking into his beautiful blue eyes.

Yours and Katies year of 'firsts' is almost over. Your memories of Becky will make you smile more often than make you cry. I wish you happiness Curtis.

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It's so hard to believe it's been a year. Friday was the one year anniversary of the last day Becky and I spent together. I knew at that time she would be leaving me soon. I could see it in her eyes. It was so hard to watch her struggle, yet I cherished every minute we had together. Lunches, office girl talk, class time, planetarium nights, New Year's Eve... all of it. I never look at the stars at night without thinking of her. There are times when I can almost feel her nearby, almost hear her say my name. The pain is still there. All of it is there, but the sharpness has finally dulled a little. But I mark each month that has passed, and now one year is upon us. I watched "Secondhand Lions" with my kids the other night, and at the end, the boy who is now a man says, "They really lived." I broke down and cried. It really summed up Becky. She really lived with cancer, instead of letting it ruin her. I was so lucky to have been her friend.

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I have been thinking about you, knowing March was coming. I am glad you had her as long as you did - but I know the loss, how hard it was and is. Yes, best to remember the good parts, there were so many more of those. Thank you , Curtis, your posts have given me some guidence and ideas as I live my own situation. Margaret

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