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Total confustion


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If you read my last few posts, you know that my husband's MRI and CT scans have been great - no sign of any CA.

On Monday, his thoracic surgeon said he thinks he should have radiation as a preventitive measure. Previously, the doctors at the U of Penn Hospital said if he did the treatment as below, then he would need no chemo no rad.

After his lobectomy we met with the onc rad and he said he would not recommend rad. We met with him again yesterday and said the thoracic surgeon said he saw his chest and he had lymph node involvement and he thinks he should have rad, again as a preventitive. The rad still said he is on the fence about recommending it but will talk to the surgeon and then it is our decision.

I told him our decision would be emotional and his would be scientific and medical, I hope.

How do you make a decision like this. Obviously it will be my husbands but any help you can give me to give to him I would appreciate.

Thanks in advance.

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Dear friends,

I can't tell you how overcome with feelings I get when I read all of your posts. You are all so kind and loving. I only wish this site was called "Meet new and wonderful friends"

I have to come up with a group name to include you all in my night prayers (or I'll never get to sleep)

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Well, the radiation oncologist is getting back with you correct? It sounds like he is checking with the surgeon to make his best decesion. When he does, question him extensively about his opinion and how much radiation etc. your husband will get.

Radiation is the rad onc's field, not the surgeons and I would give more weight to his opinion and then maybe get a 2nd.

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Well, guys, I would go with what feels right to you.

In my case, it felt right to get extra chemo after chemo-radiation then surgery. A little extra to kill any of those cancers buggers trying to nest in MY body. I think my oncologist went along because she didn't want to deal with my persistance. I have even read that chemo after surgery does not change survival rates, but I wanted it anyway.

Good luck with whatever you chose; it will be the right solution.

Sending positive vibes to the town I grew up in! JudyB

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Dear Ginny and Hubby-

I just hate this aspect of this blasted disease! There are seldom any black and white clear-cut answers to our many questions. Just when we think we have a bit of breathing space, something pops up again. I hope you feel better when you get more information. Praying for you too.

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