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Five for Easter Sunday


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1. I can 'do' this first Easter without my man, 'cause I have to

2. I was able to play organ at all my church services this week

3. I liked making my dish to take to the family dinner today

4. I am allowed jelly beans and chocolate bunnies today

5. Easter means good news and re-birth…I am trying and I will succeed

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Thank you God for my Good News this week.

Thank you God for my wonderful friends here on the board.

Thank you God for letting me watch my doggie, Dagwood sniff the pot of hyacynth on the coffee table and smile (I swear he smiled!)

Thank you for no aches or pains today when I got up.

Thank you for my huband.

Easter Peace to Everyone.

Joanie :)

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1) Getting up to the sun in my eyes

2) Already having one full coat of paint on and well on the way with the second!

3) Fresh-baked bread cooling on my stove

4) REAL butter for that bread

5) Plans for a non-traditional family Easter dinner - barbequed ribs! with strawberry shortcake for dessert.

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Baby Jonah arrived on Friday all 6lbs 3 ozs of him

My niece was so excited to see me - she ran into my arms

Getting to spend 4 solid hours in the car with my hubby just talking

A good visit to St. Louis

That I made to the top of the Arch (630 ft) and back down without throwing up :shock:

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