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update on Mom


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Well, the surgery was done. The outcome is still to be determined. They removed a tumor the size of a large grapefruit. They were able to stop the bleeding and they determined the cancer has spread to the liver, the stomach, and the pancreas. Mom is still on a ventilator and heavily sedated. Not that doctors are Gods, but I think it is a good guess that it will only be a matter of a short period of time until she is able to be at peace. It is hard to let go but it is harder to know she is in pain and suffering and is somewhere she does not choose to be. She told my sister before going into surgery that she just wants this all to be over and that she is ready to die. She is so tired and in so much pain. She has been through so much the last 4 months that it is no wonder.

Please keep her in your prayers.

Praying for us all.


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Shirley, Iam so sorry for all the things you are going through. I pray for you mom to be at peace real soon. You are a wonderful daughter and she loved you so much.

Know that even when she leaves her sick body behind, her soul will live on. It will live on in you, with all the wonderful memories that filled her lifetime.

Bless you,


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