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Questions about my dad

Guest Iiris

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Guest Iiris

My dad had his first 3 chemo's 3 weeks ago.....platinol and VP16. Does anyone know about these drugs? I've not seen platinol mentioned on these boards. Anyway, he didn't complain about being real sick....just

weak, with no appetite and general feeling of unwellness. He's lost 17 # since his diagnosis in mid-February. Yesterday we went for Easter and imagine my shock to see my Dad bald!! No one had bothered to tell me he was losing his hair so badly it was easier to shave his head. And, all of a sudden, he looks so sick! He just sat there, kind of in a daze, responding and laughing at times but not really initiating any kind of contact. He's had his blood checked the last two Fridays and he goes back to the onco this Friday and if everything is ok, he'll be admitted for 3 more days of chemo. This seems to be alot of time to just wait. Almost a whole month doing nothing while the chemo supposedly works. He's not a candidate for surgery or radiation at this time. The onco did suggest that if they could shrink the tumor small enough, he might try some radiation. Anyway, my mom and I are afraid we're not going after this aggressively enough - with all this time between treatments and all this waiting. Is this typical? And, remember, my dad

(as far as we know) has no idea how serious this is. He keeps expecting to feel better any day now. I suspect tho', after seeing him yesterday, that he does know or at least suspects that it's not good, but prefers not

to talk about it.

Oh - also, my dad's always had trouble with his knees.....with one knee

replacement. The knee without the replacement gave out on him this

week. The pain was so bad he couldn't move hardly for 3 days. He was

up on it yesterday. How do we know if this is related to the cancer or not? It should be mentioned to the onco, right?

Thank you for any light you can cast........I'm here lurking, reading all

the questions and answers even tho' I'm not posting often. I've been in

a sit n' wait mode.

The new pic is of my dad yesterday at Easter......we caught him with

these ears on.......lol Still has a sense of humor, huh?

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Hi ..

I don't know about all the other stuff, but I just want to say what a cutie your dad is. He has a great heart!

His knee should probably be checked huh?

I don't know anything about those drugs. Wish I could help you. Someone will be able to. I just wanted to tell you what a handsome dad you have there!

All the best and good wishes.

Cindi o'h

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First off I just have to say how "gorgeous" those bunny ears are!!! It's great that your Dad hasn't lost his sense of humor. That seems to be so important in this fight. Does he read the jokes here. There are so many, he could be laughing for days and days. :lol:

I had cisplatin and Etoposide (VP16) I believe all the "platin" drugs are similar - cisplatin, carpolatin, platin and they're all based on platinum. The side effects can be aches and pains that are arthritis-like. I still have some of that. I have neuropathy in my feet and somewhat in my fingertips as a result of having cisplatin. Also when I was undergoing treatment my knees would become very weak and I fell a few times. Maybe if he gets up slowly and stands still till he gets his bearings the "wigglly knee" problem will lessen. You might try asking the Experts on our board about the platin issue. Hope Dad is feeling better today. Tell him he has to get better quickly or you'll force him to wear those ears everyday!

Joanie :)

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Your Dad look's like one who get's every drop he can out of life and those bunny ear's show it. As for your treatment that your dad is recieving they are giving it to him just like they did my wife, three day's every three week's and then at some point they will go to 3 day's once a month. So hang in there and i suspect your dad is more aware of his situation than you think. Have faith trust GOD and keep fighting.....

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Platinol is Cisplatin and there are many posts on cisplatin or Cis on this board. The combo he is getting is the toughest one there is for LC. Its okay that he gets a an 18 day break in between, trust me this stuff is still working!

Sounds like he is getting good stuff for a tough disease. You could always get a second opinion on getting radiation. The combo of radiation and chemo is considered very rough and does have age restrictions from what I have been told.

good luck and keep posting.


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Everybody is correct-the cisplatin is the first line drug for sclc. The VP-16 or camptosar seem to be used with it. The cisplatin is 1x every month and the other is usually 1x a week x 3 weeks with 1 week off then start over again. NOTE- this is the common thing seen not written in stone. Some get radiation with the chemo and some get it after the chemo----some do not get it at all. I did not get it the first go around. The second time it came back it was one tumor and I got the radiation with the chemo.

Ask lots of questions when you all see the Dr he SHOULD be glad to answer them for you.

Good Luck!!


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