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Hi everyone, I am new here. I have been through a lot so I will get to my point. I am 38 years old and have had bad health issues for a long time. I was just told that I may have a tumor-tumors in my left lobe of my lung. I am a non smoker, who had hodgkins when I was 19 treated with Chemo and Rad. I had a heart attack and Quad bypass when I was 27 due to complications of the radaiation, I then found a Schwannoma in my L-1 Spine over 1 year ago. I was treated with the Cybeknife and am doing very well, Now if thats not enough, I have just been told after a CT scan because of a cough that ive had for about 2 months and PET SCAN that I have a mass in my lower left lobe that looks like a Tumor. Im going this week for a biopsy, I have also been told that because I get nomnia so much its is possible that it could be scaring/or an infection in the left lobe. Any thoghts or suggestions. Im very worried and need some advise.



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Guest Mrsmanny

It's highly possible that it could be scarring/and or infection

The only thing that will clear this up is the biopsy.

My husbland has same thing ( except no prior ailments) CT and PET showed mass in lower left lung. The biopsy shows Caseating Granulomas ...that's all they know for now (FOUR WEEKS AFTER BIOPSY)

But the biopsy and pathology are what you have to rely on.

PET scans can light up for different reasons.

GET and KEEP copies of your Pathology and PET & CT scan reports.

Use the words on there to help you search the internet.

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I hope it is nothing. There is a slight increase in risk for young patients who have had lymphoma and treated with chemo/radiation for developing a secondary cancer.

The theory is there may be a suppressed immune system from the treatment and also another one that a person may have a P53 gene mutation

There is now a vaccine that is based on the P53 gene, that *might* be worth investigating

Good Luck

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