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I have my first scan next week--on the 7th, so need to get a Chest X-ray next Tuesday to take to my pulmonologist.

I have had pain and pressure in my rectum and up and down my legs; andan injured thumb, so my PCP referred me to an orthopaedist, who did surgery on my thumb and gave me a steroid shot in my hip area for my pain and pressure.

I went for a follow up on my thumb surgery yesterday. The doctor changed the dressing & bandage but will remove the stitches next week. At least I can change the bandage every day now, whereas I could not do so before.

During my "thumb" visit, I told the doctor that the shot he gave me for my rectum pain and pressure while I was "heavily sedated--I was actually out like a light" - did not help me whatsoever. I told him my pain was continuing as was the pressure, to the point it was disturbing my rest. The doctor ordered an MRI of my spine to be done this Friday, and a full bone cat scan to be done next Monday.

I have an appointment for a pap smear at 9:00 AM today, and a dental appointment to follow up on my gum surgery problems at 2:00 today.

I have to get a mammagram next Wednesday and see the orthopaedist to remove stitches from my thumb the same day.

The doctor gave me hydrocodone/acap 7.5/500 mg for pain. I took my first pill last night and it made me dizzy, sick at my stomach, and groggy. I actually had to go to bed at 7:30 because I was so tired from it all and my worries and woes in general.

The doctor also gave me a prescription for arthrotec and one for lortab, so I will try them (one or the other at one time; if needed will change, but will not take both at the same time). I will not take the hydrocodone again.

Keep me in your prayers.


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Barb, Just so you are aware...The generic of Lortab or Vicoden is hydrocodone, even if you get the brand name (lortab) you are getting hydrocodone, it is the name of the narcotic drug. If you try eating a small amount of food it might help you tummy. My mom had trouble with this too, but she eventually i guess got used to them and they began to help.

Hope you start to feel better soon, and get good news from all your upcoming appointments.

Take care


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Thanks, Kim, for letting me know about Lortab or Vicoden being the same as hydrocodone!!! I can't believe this! Lol. I'm real glad that I didn't take the Lortab yet! I took the Arthrotec last night, along with my Neurontin, and for the first time I didn't wake up with severe hip and leg aches, so guess it helped a lot. Unfortunately, though, NOTHING yet has really helped with the rectum pressure/pain, except the Neurontin helps a bit.

I'm going to take my MRI Spine scan tomorrow morning, and the full body bone scan on Friday, so hope we find out something before long.

So much going on........so many tests.......so many doctor, dental, orthopaedist, xrays, scans, mris, and even had to get my toenail removed! ETC.

Thanks to EVERYBODY!


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