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5 for 3/29 - Can't skip a day


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I bought the headstone/bench we would both like and admire

I made plans for the spring internment to be in May

I bought my new front door and found someone who will install it

I changed my telephone answering to just my name

I am slowing gaining enpowerment as I change things into my name only

Timothy: First symptoms 9/02 - misdiagnosed with allergies

Correct diagnoses 2/03, left us 12/19/04 at age 66

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Okay, thought I would give this a try. I have read everyone's for a LONG time now. So time for me to get it together enough to come up with my own.

1. Wonderful man who adores me and takes the BEST care of me

2. Lovey large hairy dog who seems to know when to snuggle up to me

3. Wonderful friends who call, visit, email, etc., etc. to keep my spirits up

4. Neighbors who have fed us as family since September

5. "Step" children who love me as their own and worry there is a chance I

may not be "better"

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1. I woke up again (3yrs from dx you think I'd be used to it!)

2. Less snow on the ground

3. A great day out with a real good friend

4. 2 days til Texas

5. My tonnage is down by another 2 lbs - those other clothes will fit again before long!!!!

Happy spring everyone


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