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What does this mean?


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Hi everyone.

Had good news at end of January, CT scan clear - HOORAY.

However for last couple of weeks have had a feeling of something pressing on my chest, I thought it might be a chest infection but I don't seem to be bringing anything nasty up. When I breathe in deeply I can feel it's quite inflamed and I have pain and tenderness centrally and across the breastbone.

I went to America in January and while there had a CT scan done, as they don't do them her in UK at check ups, just an X ray. It stated that I have a predominant bilateral axial adenopathy on right side with a 15.5mm ganglion, also non specific inflammatory bronchial changes in the basal region of both lungs.

Could this be what is causing my problems at the moment. Most of February I felt OK so I'm wondering what has started this off. Also could this ganglion be something more ominous?

I'm off to the doctors the day after tomorrow - couldn't get an appointment before that so would appreciate any input from anyone who can help.

Many thanks


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Some times responding to the questions on the board looks like a person is passing advice that only a doctor should talk about or passing on incorrect information so take this all with a grain of salt. This is all only my Opinion.

I had a similar feelings happenings, same area and I am fairly comfortable? saying that when the lymphs are active, (maybe infected?) these symptoms, feelings, coincides with this activity. Scans and such have shown this for me, Activity-- swollen nodes, phlegm blood. Another interesting thing for me was I had none of these symptoms prior to treatment, they all started during treatment and slowed up when treatment was lessened. I’m hoping that this means the chemo is stirring some **** with the bad stuff. Just passing on some thoughts.


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Hi Shirl

I am also living in the UK and my Dad is currently undergoing treatment. I just wanted to say that he has CT scans regularly as part of his check ups. They are available on the NHS, I don't understand why your onc hasn't offered them to you.

Best wishes


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