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husband coughed up a small amount of blood!!!!


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this am my husband coughed up some blood. could have been from nose or throat or anywhere. he is starting his 4th round of carbo/taxol. i called onc and he sent him for a ct scan this pm. so now i guess just have to await results. any idea what this could mean. could it be from the cancer? do they cause coughing up of blood. ? this is all very scary. soon we have to drive back to NYS.

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Hi Carole.

I can remember oncodoc answering a question a lot like yours. I remember that he gave that person a great lift in spirits when it was found that there was a small quantity of blood. SMALL being the key word. Scant.. not hemmorhaging. He said that the tumor has a great blood supply or something like that.

I coughed up blood during my treatment too...and not before treatment. It was from my lung. And it scared me. The onc. office nurse was not impressed that I called to report it. She acted like I was bothering her with it....like.. whaddaya expect? you got lung cancer....hel...l...ooo!

(I did not like her..no I did not!)

But. It is scary to be coughing up blood. It just is not normal! I am glad that you called the doc and hopefully the doc can put your mind to rest. And I hope that I am remembering right what oncodoc said about that. But, if you have the time, you could go through the ask the expert archives and see what he had to say about this. He had some kind advice.

Hang in there. It is normal to be scared about this, but the fact that it was a small amount doesn't sound bad.. how 'bout that? I hope I helped to make you feel better, anyway.

Cindi o'h

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Hi Carole,

I know how scary coughing up blood can be. I had a couple incidents and they were both from my nose. Docs said it was from dryness in the house. Cranked up the humidifier and haven't had one since. The Doc said if it's just one glob (yuk) it probably is nothing. Still wise to check it out. Expect you guys back up here soon, weather is getting warm. Have a safe trip and hope all is well with the Cat scan.


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Carole -

If I remember correctly - it's been a while - it's not unsual if it's a SMALL amount because the platlets are down and the blood is thin, so even a small coughing attack can burst a blood vessel and result in a little blood.

I hope that helps calm you until you get some answers from the doc....

Hugs and prayers,


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I know its scary. My dad just finished his treatments and wound up with a cough and was coughing up some blood (of course didn't tell us) but did tell his doc. Wound up that it was just a cold/infection type thing and had to take an antibiotic for a week. Hang in there and we'll be praying for you both.

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Thank you. I told him it is not all that uncommon and it is very dry here in SC. Also there seem to be pollens not common to us from NYS. But since his doc immediately ordered a scan, we should know for sure if the cancer has spread. he has done very well withstanding the chemo. just am hoping it is working well. Carole

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Coughing up blood is frightening for anyone double so for someone with LC. My mom was coughing up blood for about 6 months and going to the dr at least once a week trying to find out why. He always said sinuses and not to worry since it was a small amount and always brownish or dull, never bright red which meant new blood or something. Mom even went to a ENT dr who told her same thing..sinus, dont worry....had chest exray also, nothing (that they saw,it was there).She finally went to ER and was dx with lung cancer. Her treatment started with in 5 days of dx and to this day mom has never coughed up blood again. I have always wondered how it could have stopped so suddenly, was it the chemo/radiation? I dont know.

I am glad your dr got you right in for the CT, and pray everything will be fine. Please let us know.


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I have never received a satisfactory answer to this coughing up blood question, where it comes from, what it means,,, I will pass on what has been indicated to me and how it has come about for me. I have been told it is likely from the bronchial area, I have been inclined to accept that, as during the 8 month period I was coughing up blood, ( very minimal) and all the while I had a strange feeling in that bronchial area and I accepted that as the lymph things). I have also read where the tumor can erode into the blood vessel and into the airway. Although this is disconcerting it goes with the territory and IMO unless it’s a considerable amount its probably not indicitive of a major issue, but that is just IMO. Within a week after starting Taxol (Nov 1 05) I stopped coughing up blood or phlegm and the strange feeling in the bronchial area went away and has not returned.

I just had a treatment yesterday, first in 7 weeks, Taxol/Carbo( One more to go ? !!!!) This am I coughed up some blood. ( minimal) a dry cough. I found it coincidental. Don’t know why though.

Good luck in you fight and your search for information, it works.


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