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A poem written by my 13 year old.......

Angie Daughter of Bill

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It seems so strange to be posting in the grieving forum.............seems almost unreal. One part of me knew the reality............that my Dad was getting worse and that I would soon lose him. Another part of me thought I would NEVER lose him...........that together we would beat cancer.

I thought I woud share a poem that my oldest daughter wrote on the day that Dad passed on. Dad passed on at 4:30a.m. At 5:15a.m., my daughter handed me a piece of paper and asked me to read it. It was this poem. It came straight from her little heart. She always puts her emotions on paper. It just amazed me that 45 minutes after Dad passed, she came up with a poem. It was a great way for her to express herself. I think it has helped her to heal a bit. She also felt honored that I had the preacher read her poem at Dad's funeral service.

Oh and by the way.......I need to explain one sentence in the poem about Sampson..........we used to have a bull named Sampson. He was HUGE!!!! (about 2100 pounds) My Dad and Brittney were riding around the pasture in a Jeep. They decided to stop and take in the scenery. Sampson walked over and started rubbing his head on the Jeep. He rubbed it so hard that it made the Jeep rock back and forth.............to the point they had to start up the Jeep and leave. It scared her to death!!!! Oh what precious memories!!!!!!!!

Her is her poem..........


I loved you so dear.

I loved you so sincere.

You really don't know how special you made me feel everytime you grinned at me.

I want to hold your hand,

But know I know your with that great man

in the beloved place.

I've learned a lot from you in the past 13 years and here are just a few:

I've learned to not go out in the jeep when Sampson is in the pasture.

I've learned to be nicer to people when they are mean to you.

But you taught one of the most important things in my life and that was

when life gives you a challenge run at the problem with all your heart

and never give up!

That's everything you did plus a lot more and I really admire you for that.


Your A # 1 Buddy Brittney


Dad used to call Brittney his "A #1 Buddy" all the time, so she thought that would be the appropriate way to sign off. I hope you enjoyed reading the poem.

In my thoughts and prayers~~~


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That was beautiful, written straight from her heart. What a tribute to the wonderful man you father had to have been. His soul lives on in you and your daughter. My best to you and yours.

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Hi Angie,

That was beautiful, it shows how special the relationship Brittney had with her papa and how much she had learned from him. They are wonderful memories that will be with Brittney forever. Brittney is really special with so much insite. You must be so proud of her.

Thank your for sharing that.

I have been thinking about you and hoping you are coping...


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What a sweet young lady - you must be so proud of her. I know you will help each other. Too many people never even know their grandparents any more, at least she had him in her life and she is old enough to remember and part of him is part of her - well, I am just so pleased for her and for you. Thinking of you. Margaret

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Hi Angie.

I am so glad you shared your daughter's poem. I really identified with your opening sentence in your post, that's exactly how I felt over the last year with my hubbie. The poem is wonderful and you have a lot to be proud of in your daughter. Congratulations!


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What a beautiful poem your daughter wrote. Bless her heart, you can tell she loved her grandpa very, very much. Although I know it was hard for the children to see him sick, what a gift that he was able to be so close to them (living in your home). Precious memories were made that can NEVER be taken away. And Angie, they watched you care for your Dad, and they learned alot from that too... they learned what it means to love a parent with your whole heart and soul.... God Bless You for teaching them such a valuable lesson. My thoughts are with you.... Love, Sharon

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