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Misty-What can animals see?


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. I have to tell you what happened last night. As you know I have had some pretty strange things happen but this was one of the strangest!

When I come home from work Misty always gets excited. She follows me around whining and barking until I set down and take my shoes off. Once I do that she knows I am staying home. She settles down and goes to sleep and pretty much ignores me until it is time for her to go outside or she sees me eating something. Last night was very different.

She didn't seem to be settled all evening. When I would go to the bathroom she would follow me and set by the door whinning. Every move I made she watched. Then later it got even stranger.

I went to the bathroom and she again followed me. She whined the whole time I was in there. When I came out she followed me whinning and grabbed at my leg with her feet. When I sat down she started whinning and couldn't settle down. She would put her feet up on my love seat and whine and look at me in the strangest way. I would pet her and she got really excited. When I told her to lay down she would for a minute then start all over again. This went on for about a half hour then she just lay down and acted like she always does.

I have to say that the only time I ever saw her act like that was when she hadn't seen Johnny in a while and I took her to the nursing home to see him. She was so excited and looked at me so funny. I really think that she was seeing Johnny instead of me. Could it be that he was letting her see him and when I petted her it was the only way that he could? In other words to her was it Johnny petting her instead of me? I know that sounds crazy but it is the only explanation I can find for the way she was acting.

She has acted strange a couple of times before but never to this extent. I have to tell you while this was happening I could feel Johnny near. Could he have somehow imposed himself on me so Misty could see him and feel him pet her?

Well one more episode in my continueing saga! Please let me know what you think.

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Well, Lily, you ARE a crazy woman who lives alone and talks to her dog, after all... :wink:

According to my friend the medium, dogs (she specifically said "dogs", not "pets" nor "cats") do see "visitors". I don't know about imposing himself on you and her thinking it was him petting her, that's something seen in movies (i.e. the scene in "Ghost" where Patrick Swayze's character takes over Whoopi Goldberg's character). You have to admit, if she just saw her beloved Johnny she'd be a happy little puppy and give him the usual "treatment".

...and give me a bit more time to decide if you are crazy or not, I can't log on until I get home from work now! Geesh! 8)

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I am sure I told you in my "medium" post about what she said about my dog Tucker who has been acting strange since Daddys passing.... She said that Daddy comes to visit but brings "his dog" with him who has also passed and Tucker is very frightened by having another animall in the house.... (she also said my Dad thinks its quite funny)... which is soooo him!!! I do believe my friend.

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