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update on my mom

Heather M.

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We got some wonderful news today!!!! The results of Mom's MRI were in today and guess what?! ALL BRAIN METS ARE GONE!!! I was expecting to hear bad news of course and when her oncologist read the results, I almost fainted. :D I have been on cloud nine all day long. There was evidence of a stroke (not sure how they know) but we had suspected that from day one. She had all the symptoms of a stroke in September when this all started. She is doing great now, but she struggles a lot with getting her thoughts together and remembering what she was going to say. She never remembers what medicines she's on and why. Good thing I'm in charge of that! Anyway, her doctor is leaving her on dilantin so I'm not sure about her driving again, but we'll ask her radiation oncologist on Monday. Thank you so much for always listening, sharing, praying, and caring. God bless you all!!

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Congrat's on the great new's , but i have those same problem's with concentration and memory and i've never had radiation or chemo. Guess it's all the worry at time's and old age or like a friend told me once it's from being slapped up along side the head to often for being too obstinence......

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