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Just wanted to let y'all know that mom is in the hospital again with pneumonia.

Her white blood cell is still down. She says that she is tired and that she feels sicker this time than ever before. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Good luck to you all. Your in my thoughts and prayers.


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Make sure they are giving her shots for both the red blood cell counts (Procrit) and the white (Leukine or Nupogine (sp?). They are letting her counts get too low and that's bringing on the pneumonia. Same thing happened to my husband till they started him on Leukine in addition to the Procrit.

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she does take those shots.... the ones that start with an "n".... lol I can't remember the name.

They give her those after they start going down. They waited this time until they were 0.2 to give them to her. she goes twice a week for blood work and they see they are going down, but they won't do anything until they are so low she is in the hospital.

I don't know why. This whole thing is so frustrating. I'm just tired. I have a hard time coping now. I wish I could go to bed and hide under the covers with a gallon of "fudge brownie ice cream". But I can't.

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I'm so sorry to hear that your Mom still having so many problems.. It must be so hard on you! I am praying for you and your Mom. I know how you feel about the fudge brownie and covers... :roll: do what you have to do... just remember that Ben and Jerrys make a real good ice cream! Make it count!

Can't we all "Just go to Disney World"?????


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