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Its my birthday and 11 months since dx-an update


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Kinda depressed today. My coughing, hacking, spewing, wheezing is worse, maybe allergies too. This is now 6 moths of this. I actually ruptured a blood vessle in my eye from coughing so hard.

Wasn't sure in May 04 if I would make it to this bday. They take on a whole new feel w/ this is now your life.

Still havn't had PCI, wanted to get hubby started on his hep c torture chemo routine first, but insur. company wouldnt approve one of the drugs-interferon. Just approved yesterday. Need to decide what I am going to do w/ PCI.

My ovaries are still w/ me. All involved decided to wait 6 weeks and re-scan to see whats up. May loose them.

I have never been fatter and just hate this chemo induced menapause, fat thing I am in. Don't have the energy or spunk for a diet. Working full-time and very exhausted. too tired.

I dont post a lot but check the board once a day and keep up w/ all of you. Many brave people on this board.

Good things; I am still here, kids are great, daylight saving time will start Sun and that always help, maybe I can do gardening this summer was too wore out from chemo last and I am blessed w/ wonderful friends and family. Ok, I feel a bit better.

Hanging in here in Maryland, getting older and fatter :)

Happy April Fools.


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Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Jennifer,

Happy Birthday to you :)

OK, we're all fat! We're all tired, but you know what, we're ALIVE. You saw my post about being fat - way too fat! My Dr. was on the Internet today www.msnbc.com - "cancer can be prevented" article. I went to him on March 25th and tipped the scales at 198 and I'm 5'7. I did my BMI index and it's 32 - overweight/obese. This time last year I was about 160. Shows you what depression, coach potato mentality and an underactive thyroid can do to a person! But I've had a good talk with myself and am determined to start moving everyday, to cut down on my portions and try to "de-balloon" myself! Wanna try with me? I notice that when I get up in the morning, i'm very achey, I take a percoset and the aches go away. Also if i force myself to move around, i really do feel better. Jen, having a birthday is great! Please try to get moving along with me. We can do it! April 4th I'm 3 year survivor. But i'll try not to celebrate with a big piece of Chocolate cake. Promise, i'll try :wink:

Enjoy your birthday and smile, you need that.


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Happy Birthday! Jen! It makes me happy to know you have made almost a year! That gives me hope! I am sure it makes others feel better, too. This is such nasty stuff!

You have done well and are one strong lady! I include you and all here in my prayers! Like to hear good news. Next I hope your ovaries just quiet down and make eveeryone wonder what that was all about! Love, Marge

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Don't worry about the weight - it will come off. Try to walk alittle everyday. I finished 20 PCI treatments in November and started walking 1 mile in March. Today, I went to Curves and actually made it through the two rotations. I have a neighbor that needs to lose some weight so we are holding each other accountable.

Just concentrate on getting better. Move alittle more each day. Take care of yourself.

Love and hugs,

Nancy B

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Hey, you stinker...you didn't tell me it was your birthday!! Happy, happy.

You know, Jen....most of us probably wish we'd spent our recent months doing something other than what we've been doing. But we're here....and whether bald, fat, wrinkled and still in treatment or not...it still beats the alternative, eh?

Celebrate your birthday and party hardy!! I hope you'll get some answers with your next tests...and that you can get started on PCI, if that's what you choose to do. I'm sending some vibes for hubby too, that his treatments work and go smoothly for him.

Do something you've always wanted to do to celebrate this birthday...or buy yourself something you've always wanted to have. Doesn't have to be anything real major...but just DO IT!! Life is to be lived and enjoyed...and with what those of us who hang out here GO thru, ARE going thru and HAVE BEEN thru....well hey, ain't no time like the present...so go fulfill a dream this birthday, okay?

I'm working on what I'm going to ask for, for Mother's Day. Gonna be more than just a card this year, you can bet your bippy! :wink:

Hey...I have an idea for you....head to the nearest garden center and treat yourself to some birthday plants....eh? :D

I'm sending you mental petunias, sweetie!! Happy day to you!

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A little late on this but Happy Birthday! I'm too fat too, but now, almost 2 years out from diagnosis, surgery, chemo, oh, and an underactive thyroid diagnosis, I'm finally taking some weight off. It's slow, just like they say it will be when you're in your late 40's, but it is coming off.

What I'm doing is eating about half of what I was eating. I'm also trying to concentrate on lean protein and vegetables for the bulk of my diet. And, interestingly enough, I'm really not hungry and craving junk.

I am also exercising at least three days a week at the gym. Took a while to build up endurance, but that's ok too. I also find it relaxing, and particularly try to get there if I'm tired. It does help raise the energy level and ALWAYS improves my mood.

Hang in there, we know what you're going through. All I'm trying to say is that it will get better. And, the upcoming good weather should help too. I too am looking forward to the flower and vegetable garden this year. Been making plans all winter!!!!!


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Happy birthday, Jen. I'm almost the same timetable you are - just a little behind you. Aren't we glad we can still be upright this far down the road?

I read somewhere about the myth of the skinny cancer/chemo patient -- some even get what they call "chemo belly." Ha. I think I had it too, but lost all that when I couldn't eat from the cholecystitis. Not a great way to lose weight -- it more or less dropped off, but that's what happens when you can't eat!

My wheeze is, for all practical purposes, gone - finally. On damp days, it's there, but not like it used to be at all. You must have allergies or something else going on with yours that I didn't.

I hope things settle down for you soon -- you and your hubby. There's just not anything in our past that leads to any of us deserving any of this, huh.

Take care -- glad you're back!


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Happy belated birthday Jen,

Sorry you are in the funk, but hey your here!! You have such a beautiful family, mom and her boys...you are blessed there.

I hope you had a happy one. :lol:


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Hey Jen,

Haven't been in touch in a while. I am still doing pill form chemo, Temedor, Doesn't leave me feeling to bad but there is still some nausea & fatigue. I need to stop being so lazy and get my butt walking again. The weather we have been having here makes it tough to want to be outside. It has been pouring and chilly. I know,...that's a lousy excuse!

Just wanted to touch base girlfriend. You take care & keep me posted.

Good thoughts headed your way.


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